The psychology of colour: Bright white…

White equals total reflection. It is the complete opposite of black which is total absorption. Just as uncompromising as black white gives a room a heightened perception of space and is said to reduce any nagging feelings of disappointment or drudge. This is why we deem it the best colour for the kitchen where the most onerous tasks take place.

A predominantly white interior gives a feeling of space and cleanliness. Although too much white can feel sterile and cold. The addition of a few pops of colour and varying the temperature and tone of white will stop it from feeling bland or unwelcoming.

Here are some kitchens that have used white to great affect.. 

This sleek polished white kitchen is a cleaning haven. Beautifully framed by black details.

The whiteness of this kitchen is tempered by the textural details. Painting an old brick wall white makes it feel modern and fresh and highlights the tactile surface. We love the wooden cupboard doors in this kitchen and think it really warms up the white. This kitchen is from a small living space in Antwerp which was designed by the architect Katrien Van Doven.

The combination of white metro tiles and off white cupboards makes the kitchen feel warm and welcoming. The industrial quality of the concrete surfaces provides a great contrast with the shiny metro tiles.

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Get the look: All white interior

An all white interior, also known as a Achromatic interior, is probably the ultimate in minimalism. It has the potential to be a little boring but if done right it can be very calming and interesting as long as you involve other key elements such as scale, repetition, texture and proportion.

The results are always different depending on various things. But on the temperature of the white and whether the look of your furniture is traditional or modern are two biggies.

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