Wonderful Wedding Gifts…

Wedding season is upon us again and our Mr and Mrs badge cards are flying off the shelves. Buying a wedding present can be a tough task: how much does one spend? How can you choose a thoughtful and unique present that will appeal to both people? Is that even possible?

Let us assuage your gift giving woes with our selection of the very best in wedding gift goodness..

The Kiki Grinder is simple, sculptural and above all very practical. It has an adjustable ceramic mechanism which allows it to be used for salt, pepper and any number of dry herbs and spices. Treat your couple to one in black and white and they can rein-act their wedding over the breakfast table for years to come..

Our large monochromatic photo album is a far cry from the embossed, chintzy photo albums usually associated with weddings. Smart and spacious it could even be the proud keeper of the photos from the big day and it will look superb on any coffee table.

Our Glass Shaped Bottle Vase gets many admiring comments in the shop, it’s organic hand blown nature makes it particularly graceful. Suited to holding structural greenery and flowers it is an unconventional modern vase that is sure to go down particularly well.

Our Kaleido Trays are sold individually and can be bought in any combination. They slot together in a very satisfactory way and sit comfortably throughout the home. On a bedside table to cradle jewellery or by the front door they make keys and change look like a work of art.

The DLM table by HAY is as stylish as it is practical, it is the perfect height and size for a bedside table or a side table to be used in the living room. The beauty of this table is in the name (Don’t Leave Me) it is light enough to be carried around the house and looks great in any room. Perfect for a couple who are setting up home.

We have a range of gorgeously simple geometric ceramics hand made in Sweden by Camilla Engdahl beautifully made and perfectly executed a piece made by her will be treasured for years to come.

We hope that we have given you plenty of gift giving inspiration, we would be thrilled with any of those options. If you are getting married and would like to put together a Gift List with us do get in touch..


Good Ideas: Stylish Wedding Gifts

Wedding season has begun and if you are feeling stuck for something to give as a gift we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve.

Get the couples initials in our fine bone china alphabet mugs with a gorgeous ampersand to knit them together, £14.00 each.

A dinky porcelain house shaped vase with a grey painted roof, perfect for a new home, £12.00.

Send them off on their honeymoon with a set of over sized fouta towels perfect for lounging around on the beach, £29.00 each.

Over sized cloud cushion, gigantic soft and dreamy, £69.00

A pair of fly porcelain tea light holders, made of the finest porcelain. Once lit the glow of the candle fills the room, £12.00 each.

Vintage Kings Cross Bus Blind, this screen printed bus blind was in action during the 1970’s and saw many a journey to its destination. It has been rescued, restored and beautifully mounted & framed, £49.00 including frame. However, do get in touch with us if you are looking for a particular destination for the happy couple as we can often source old signs from all over the country.

Milo Hurricane vase, a simple straight clear glass vessel. Ideal for filling with sand and placing a candle inside. Also looks beautiful filled with flowers, £42.00.

Faroese cushion in white inspired by a traditional Faroese knitting pattern, this natural linen cushion has been screen printed by hand by the up and coming design brand Silk&Burg, perfect for furnishing a new home, £45.00.

Kiss me print, this print doesn’t beat around the bush and is suitably stylish and romantic, £35.00 (unframed).