Beautiful Bathroom on a Budget..

We have recently started working with some new clients who want to transform their new house, which is in desperate need of an update, into a stylish family home. However there’s a lot of work to do so a tight budget is critical for each room. However we’re quietly confident we can help them create somewhere beautiful for less than you’d think.

A real trouble area for them is the bathroom. The current dated bathroom does not reflect the taste of this modern family and it’s lack of storage means that they are not utilising the available space effectively.

Our first suggestion was to open up the bathroom a bit and take up a bit of space from their oddly capacious hallway. A small structural change like this isn’t hugely expensive and will dramatically improve the layout of the space.

We are opting for a simple monochrome look in the bathroom, it is neither overtly masculine or feminine and will not date. We love the idea of having a black shower unit against bright white tiles. Black and white taps and shower heads are now pretty widely available and are not as expensive as you might first think.

As they now have a small toddler in tow storage space throughout the house will be invaluable. It is extremely frustrating to spend time and money creating a gorgeous space to find that it ends up littered with bathroom paraphernalia because there is no where practical to store anything.

So, we have suggested having a vanity unit custom built to make maximum storage space from the small room. This will then hold a stylish and simple square sink in place.

We love the idea of having a simple floating shelf above the sink to display their favourite paintings or prints. Why shouldn’t you have something nice to look at whist relaxing in the tub?

Our clients are very keen on having a hexagonal tile, a nice variation to the metro tile which seems to be the tile of choice these days. In keeping with our monochromatic look we have suggested going for a large black hexagonal tile on the floor and smaller white hexagonal tiles on the walls – both with the same charcoal grouting.

We hope that gives you an insight into the initial planning and ideas stage of this bathroom, we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

What do you think? Do you have any top money saving tips for bathroom design?

Bright bathroom: The devil’s in the detail..

We are currently working on the second floor bathroom at our new Future and Found flat so we thought it was a good time to look at it in greater detail and share our plans with you.

We have a very limited budget for this room, so all the details really need to work hard in bringing that designer edge to the space.

The floor will be a greyed off wood laminate. We opted for laminate as it is able to get wet without warping. It is a commercial quality so it will withstand general wear and tear well and still look good in years to come.For the tiles we are going for a simple and inexpensive white tile with a grey grout (as shown above). Not only does this give the tiles a graphic modern feel it, grey grout doesn’t discolour so we won’t up with yellowing grout in the months/years to come.

We have decided to stick to white sanitaryware as it looks clean, modern and simple and is perfect on a budget. The range we have gone for is called Duravit D-Code a particular favourite for it’s simple modern feel.Now for the fun bit.. we are opting for yellow details in this room to complement the grey. Also, the bathroom is full of sunshine in the mornings and a pop of yellow is particularly refreshing.

We have decided to splurge on some gorgeous Japanese spotty towels which will also be introduced into our collection in the Autumn.

And we are currently brainstorming on cheerful yellow details, here’s a peek at choice few..

Yellow stool by Iacoli & McAllister

Yellow bamboo toothbrush by nomess copenhagen available to buy at Goodhood

Yellow wire basket from

Towels.. coming soon to Future and Found.