The psychology of colour.. in the pink

Pink symbolises compassion, nurturing and love. It has the passion and power of red coupled with the understanding, openness and completeness of white. The addition of white tones down the physical passion of red and makes it more gentle and loving.

The deeper the shade of pink the greater passion and energy it exudes. Pink is a symbol of hope in many countries. It is a very positive colour and inspires warmth, happiness and feelings of comfort creating a sense that everything will be ok.

Neon pink evokes feelings of warmth and happiness and symbolises a love of life. This amazing bathroom was spotted on the blog just good design.

If you prefer a tamer pink opt for a powder pink and couple with grey, white and black for added sophistication and serenity.

Pink adds softness and warmth to a serious industrial interior.

If you like pink and want to encourage calm comfort and warmth into your home take a look at our range of pink accessories.


Very Valentines…

Yep, it’s that time of year again… Fear not, you will not see a single red rose or insipid pink heart here (unless it’s sprayed neon). Instead, may we present to you a selection of tasteful treats that will be appreciated long after February 14th. Here are our top Valentines day gift ideas..

One of our wonderfully tactile tallow candles accompanied with a super stylish box of strike matches.

For the aspiring artist or writer, we don’t think there can be a much more stylish note book than the ink notebook with fluoro spine accompanied by a neon pencil it is a veritable eye feast.

Prefer pink? Try the rose hand cream and a neon pink heart key ring, they can think of you every time they get out their keys.. (yes, it’s horribly cute).

Or opt for something soft to cuddle, with Secretman or Bow Jovi both just as huggable and a perfect substitute for you.. (if you wear an eye patch or prefer an over sized bow tie).

Hopefully that has provided you with some suitable giftspiration..