DIY interior design details….

It’s easy to make your home look stylish and different even on a budget. In our most recent burst of internet trawling we happened upon some great ideas that we want to share. All easy, all different and hopefully things you haven’t seen before.

Paint that wooden Ikea step ladder a bright neon yellow to make it into a fantastic kitchen feature (spotted on the inspiring blog weekdaycarnival).

Take simple inexpensive white tiles and transform them into a graphic masterpiece using coloured grout. We have used grey grout before but yellow looks great (we can’t find the source of this image, if you know do tell us).

We absolutely love the idea of using the Muuto dots as handles for kitchen cabinets.  It looks so graphic and playful. The dots are really tactile so it is an excellent excuse to touch them more (styling for muuto by Faye Toogood and shot by Henry Bourne).

Painting outdoor fencing in a bright yellow stain elevates the ordinary into feature status. The ombre look is great and as an added bonus you’ll use a lot less paint! (spotted on the painted furniture blog)

Now a chalkboard wall isn’t necessarily a new idea but we love the contrast of the black against the bright white door and it is a really handy place to leave notes and write a shopping list. Also, the racks used to display framed pictures and prints is so flexible you can swap things out as and when you wish. It’s not about making holes in the wall (spotted on I’m not wordy).