Marble has been trending in interiors for a while now. The subtle pattern and soft colouring adds a classic touch to interiors. Nothing is quite as impressive as marble, it evokes a mood of sophistication and luxury.

For a long time marble was viewed as an outdated overly oppulent material but with the development of new tools that can cut marble with greater precision and accuracy it can be treated and used in different ways and is particularly suited to modern forward thinking interiors.

When toned down with black, white and natural wood it fits perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic which we love.

We love this kitchen, the darker tones in the marble are exaggerated by the black details. The overall look is simple, sophisticated and minimal. This photo is from the blog mama mini

Moving far away from the traditional opulence and grandeur of marble is this modern marble staircase so skilfully designed and executed that it looks like it is simply cascading down the space. Staircase designed by architects Michael Gabellini and Jay Smith and photographed by Paul Warchol.

This bathroom was formally Ingrid Bergman’s… marble is an exceptionally good choice for bathroom tiling as it is extremely hardwearing, waterproof and long lasting. The sharp corners and the floating fixtures and fittings give this bathroom an extremely modern feel. Photo by Tommaso Sartori of Ingrid Bergman’s previous residence on the volcanic island of Stromboli.

You can even now get marble look bedding to complete the marble home. The bedding depicted can only be currently bought in the states but you can get a similar look bedding from Ferm Living