A Chat with One Must Dash…

Anki and Anneli are the dream team known by the name One Must Dash.. they combine some thoroughly British sentiment with a touch of cool clean Scandinavian style, it’s no wonder they make our most popular prints…. 

We decided it was time to find out a little bit more about them, so we send out some questions in their direction.

Hello ladies! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions…

Ok, number one has to be: Where is your hometown and where are you based now?

We are both from Sweden, the Southern part, right now Anki lives in Gothernburg and Anneli lives in Brighton.

What do you have on your beside table?

Anki: I don’t have a bedside table, unfortunately.

Anneli: I have a notepad, a glass of water and my phone.

What home ware item do you always seek to find the perfect version of?

We both crave decorative and creative furniture that can be used as useful storage.

The house is on fire! What do you grab?

The children of course! We would probably panic so much, running around screaming- I don’t think anything would be grabbed! Maybe our partners would have to grab us to take us out of there!

Do we sound hysterical?! ha ha!

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Each other.

Anki: Anneli is hilarious and tall.

Anneli: Anki is rather amusing and short.

Describe your collection in three words:

B & W, Quirky and Decorative.

What home ware item do you own that is most coveted by your friends?

Anki: My hysterically colourful plates they have a bit of a jungle theme.

Anneli: My extremely long teak sideboard, it deals with a large amount of things that would otherwise just be hanging around.

What would surprise people about you?

That’s a tricky question! Maybe that we have long skype sessions in our pj’s. We both work from home.

What is your current obsession?

Bags. Bags. Bags.

How would you describe your style?

Sometimes typographic, sometimes bold, in other cases it’s retro. But, it is always a little bit funny. It’s like the moustache which is the essence of our idea: decorative and a little bit funny.

What are you working on at the moment?

Did we mention bags? We are also working on some new art prints. We are going to Launch-pad at Pulse in May and we are working on some new products for the show. A bag, a giant pair of scissors and some new art prints ( hairy ones….)

Briefly describe your design process:

We talk, sketch and talk again. Laugh. Reject the idea and put it to one side. Start with a new idea, talk sketch and talk some more. Bring the old idea back into the process. Talk sketch and talk some more. Mix everything together and sleep on it. If we are still laughing in the morning we are done. If not we begin the process again!

Thank you ladies! We can’t wait to see what you have in store this year….

Good Ideas: Stylish Wedding Gifts

Wedding season has begun and if you are feeling stuck for something to give as a gift we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve.

Get the couples initials in our fine bone china alphabet mugs with a gorgeous ampersand to knit them together, £14.00 each.

A dinky porcelain house shaped vase with a grey painted roof, perfect for a new home, £12.00.

Send them off on their honeymoon with a set of over sized fouta towels perfect for lounging around on the beach, £29.00 each.

Over sized cloud cushion, gigantic soft and dreamy, £69.00

A pair of fly porcelain tea light holders, made of the finest porcelain. Once lit the glow of the candle fills the room, £12.00 each.

Vintage Kings Cross Bus Blind, this screen printed bus blind was in action during the 1970’s and saw many a journey to its destination. It has been rescued, restored and beautifully mounted & framed, £49.00 including frame. However, do get in touch with us if you are looking for a particular destination for the happy couple as we can often source old signs from all over the country.

Milo Hurricane vase, a simple straight clear glass vessel. Ideal for filling with sand and placing a candle inside. Also looks beautiful filled with flowers, £42.00.

Faroese cushion in white inspired by a traditional Faroese knitting pattern, this natural linen cushion has been screen printed by hand by the up and coming design brand Silk&Burg, perfect for furnishing a new home, £45.00.

Kiss me print, this print doesn’t beat around the bush and is suitably stylish and romantic, £35.00 (unframed).

Get the look: Pared back Scandinavian style

We are huge fans of a minimal simple style here at Future & Found. We love this simple monochromatic look mix up some glassware or ceramics with black and white prints.

Add in a couple of our simple tactile vases to complete the look….

Black pearl concrete vase £14

Squashed ceramic vase white £14