Beautiful Bathroom on a Budget..

We have recently started working with some new clients who want to transform their new house, which is in desperate need of an update, into a stylish family home. However there’s a lot of work to do so a tight budget is critical for each room. However we’re quietly confident we can help them create somewhere beautiful for less than you’d think.

A real trouble area for them is the bathroom. The current dated bathroom does not reflect the taste of this modern family and it’s lack of storage means that they are not utilising the available space effectively.

Our first suggestion was to open up the bathroom a bit and take up a bit of space from their oddly capacious hallway. A small structural change like this isn’t hugely expensive and will dramatically improve the layout of the space.

We are opting for a simple monochrome look in the bathroom, it is neither overtly masculine or feminine and will not date. We love the idea of having a black shower unit against bright white tiles. Black and white taps and shower heads are now pretty widely available and are not as expensive as you might first think.

As they now have a small toddler in tow storage space throughout the house will be invaluable. It is extremely frustrating to spend time and money creating a gorgeous space to find that it ends up littered with bathroom paraphernalia because there is no where practical to store anything.

So, we have suggested having a vanity unit custom built to make maximum storage space from the small room. This will then hold a stylish and simple square sink in place.

We love the idea of having a simple floating shelf above the sink to display their favourite paintings or prints. Why shouldn’t you have something nice to look at whist relaxing in the tub?

Our clients are very keen on having a hexagonal tile, a nice variation to the metro tile which seems to be the tile of choice these days. In keeping with our monochromatic look we have suggested going for a large black hexagonal tile on the floor and smaller white hexagonal tiles on the walls – both with the same charcoal grouting.

We hope that gives you an insight into the initial planning and ideas stage of this bathroom, we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

What do you think? Do you have any top money saving tips for bathroom design?

DIY interior design details….

It’s easy to make your home look stylish and different even on a budget. In our most recent burst of internet trawling we happened upon some great ideas that we want to share. All easy, all different and hopefully things you haven’t seen before.

Paint that wooden Ikea step ladder a bright neon yellow to make it into a fantastic kitchen feature (spotted on the inspiring blog weekdaycarnival).

Take simple inexpensive white tiles and transform them into a graphic masterpiece using coloured grout. We have used grey grout before but yellow looks great (we can’t find the source of this image, if you know do tell us).

We absolutely love the idea of using the Muuto dots as handles for kitchen cabinets.  It looks so graphic and playful. The dots are really tactile so it is an excellent excuse to touch them more (styling for muuto by Faye Toogood and shot by Henry Bourne).

Painting outdoor fencing in a bright yellow stain elevates the ordinary into feature status. The ombre look is great and as an added bonus you’ll use a lot less paint! (spotted on the painted furniture blog)

Now a chalkboard wall isn’t necessarily a new idea but we love the contrast of the black against the bright white door and it is a really handy place to leave notes and write a shopping list. Also, the racks used to display framed pictures and prints is so flexible you can swap things out as and when you wish. It’s not about making holes in the wall (spotted on I’m not wordy).

The psychology of colour: Ambitious Orange

Orange radiates warmth and happiness; it is said to combine the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange is said to relate to your gut reaction and instincts as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow.

Orange is spontaneous and encourages us to look on the positive side of life. It is perfect for kids and is used in many children’s toys and clothes.

Orange has even been proven to improve the oxygen supply to the brain which can increase mental stimulation in children and adults. It symbolises achievement, ambition and new beginnings which is why we think it is perfect for the bedrooms of children and babies.

We love the bright orange highlights in this room complemented by the amazing yellow car (spotted on the lovely finnish blog

The neon orange highlights in this sophisticated kids bedroom are very up our street (unfortunately we can’t find the source of this photo).

This bright orange wardrobe looks excellent paired with a chalkboard wall (spotted in Chicago Homes and Garden’s magazine Nov/ Dec 2010).

If you want to go all out with orange you could try this super bold look! (spotted on The boo and the boy blog... an excellent place to get inspired).

We have plenty of orange items in stock that will get your little ones brains whizzing!


Marble has been trending in interiors for a while now. The subtle pattern and soft colouring adds a classic touch to interiors. Nothing is quite as impressive as marble, it evokes a mood of sophistication and luxury.

For a long time marble was viewed as an outdated overly oppulent material but with the development of new tools that can cut marble with greater precision and accuracy it can be treated and used in different ways and is particularly suited to modern forward thinking interiors.

When toned down with black, white and natural wood it fits perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic which we love.

We love this kitchen, the darker tones in the marble are exaggerated by the black details. The overall look is simple, sophisticated and minimal. This photo is from the blog mama mini

Moving far away from the traditional opulence and grandeur of marble is this modern marble staircase so skilfully designed and executed that it looks like it is simply cascading down the space. Staircase designed by architects Michael Gabellini and Jay Smith and photographed by Paul Warchol.

This bathroom was formally Ingrid Bergman’s… marble is an exceptionally good choice for bathroom tiling as it is extremely hardwearing, waterproof and long lasting. The sharp corners and the floating fixtures and fittings give this bathroom an extremely modern feel. Photo by Tommaso Sartori of Ingrid Bergman’s previous residence on the volcanic island of Stromboli.

You can even now get marble look bedding to complete the marble home. The bedding depicted can only be currently bought in the states but you can get a similar look bedding from Ferm Living


Dashing Doors…

Something nice for a Thursday afternoon, the often overlooked door deserves a bit of appreciation..

Hidden concrete finish door source unknown, yellow triangle garage door by Jamie Mclellan, pink and yellow door from Laugavvegur in Iceland (photographer unknown), orange door on wooden house by Daniel Fagerburg Architecture in Sweden (photographer unknown), yellow door on grey wall by taxydromos69 on flikr, neon door sculpture by the artist Gavin Turk, blue door (source unknown), colourful triangular door by Simply Photo on Flickr, angular wooden door from House D by HHF Architects photo by Tom Bisig, neon painted door (photographer unknown)


Interior Design: Mellow Yellow

We are currently working on some really exciting interior design projects at Future and Found. We’re styling, revamping and de-cluttering properties to sell; styling and accessorising homes for families who need a refresh; along with sourcing bespoke flooring.

Here’s a snapshot of a mood board for a living room we are currently working on for a local family. We put this mood board together after meeting the family to discuss their likes and dislikes and what they want from the space that they have.

The children are almost teens so there was no need for anything too ‘kid friendly’ the family are sophisticated and their tastes distinctly modern but they are still playful and looking to create a fun space that they will all feel comfortable in.

The colour palette that we decided on kept to neutral but cool greys and whites with pops of bright yellow & lime.

Hopefully, this will give an insight into how we work. Do get in touch if you have any questions or have a property that you are looking for help with.




We Love: The handsome house shape

What’s not to love about the simple beauty of the traditional house shape?

An early and instantly recognisable motif from childhood.

Often one of the first things we draw when putting pen to paper.

Comprised of two geometric shapes the square and the triangle.

Doodlers of warm, inviting house shapes with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life.

The simplistic outline of a house shape is striking, modern and easily introduced into your home. Paint pieces of board cut into a house shape with chalkboard paint, which can be used as a place in the kitchen to scribble your reminders or let the kids get creative.

(Images from top left, house from blood & champagne, deconstructed house from, house doodles from, house shaped barn from & wooden walled house shot from

Feeling inspired to welcome a house shape into your home? Shop our collection

Get the look: Beyond The Pale

An all white interior can sound like a slightly daunting prospect. It needn’t be, the versatility of white is really quite amazing. By combining lots of different textures you can make a room exciting, interesting and restful. White brightens up any room and creates the illusion of a much bigger space than you have.

Bright whites give modern, minimalist spaces a serious zing and creates those sharp lines that we are crazy about.

(Images from top left to right: white kitchen from, they all hate us, Lotta Agaton’s hallway from Charlotte Minty’s Interior Design blog, bathroom from Otis & Frank, bedroom from Blood & Champagne).

1. Station ceramic clock white, £49.00

2. Squashed vase white, £14.00

3. Sunflower dish, £15.00

4. Chocopot small, £12.50

5. Speech bubble plate, £32.00

6. Organic bowl small, £12.00