It’s a Jungle In Here

We all want to bring a little outdoor in with us. Natures footprint is expanding into our urban lifestyles more than ever, and we’re all for embracing the green stuff. Here’s a few of our top tips to use when picking your plants…

Keep them relevant to your room

Herbs in your kitchen are a great example of how adding greenery to your kitchen can double up as handy herbs for cooking. Equally, an aloe vera plant in your bathroom not only looks great but has all number of healing properties for your skin.


Mix and match your planters

Grouping different pots and planters creates a relaxed and modern feel without feeling over styled. Mix up materials such as concrete and ceramic, plain and patterned. Break all the rules and don’t worry about leaving some pots unplanted in the arrangement.


Play with scale

If you have the space, larger plants or a larger planter are a great way to add character to a room or to create a relaxed room divide. Open plan living rooms, in particular, can benefit massively from this.


Keep them green

If you’re not particularly green fingered, stick to low maintenance plant families such as succulents and cacti which are particularly low maintenance. Then they’ll stay looking fresh, lush and stylish.