Beautiful and useful..

There are certain things that we have at home that are necessary yet ugly. We often compromise on style and design as we think there is no alternative. Well, no more! We have stylish alternatives for all those useful things.

Fed up of your unattractive plastic recycling box? One two many stubbed toes on your kids storage crates? These reinforced paper sacks are just the thing, stylish, fun and labelled to keep you organised.

Still using boring blue j-cloths? You must be mad. Imagine these cloths draped over the sink. Create your own stylish stripy cleaning haven.

Essentials like tea towels and plastic cups needn’t be an eyesore. Our set of six plastic cups are tough made of recycled plastic and they come in cheery colours, perfect for kids and outdoor entertaining.

We’re not sure if we could rave any more about how much we love these storage sacks but we will certainly try. Made of printed polyester they are completely waterproof so can be used in the bathroom to store bath toys or cosmetics, in the kitchen for fresh produce or as a laundry basket. We have even seen them used as planters in the garden, ingenious.

What do you think? What useful yet ugly things do you have at home that you struggle to find a stylish alternative for? Maybe we can help.


The satisfaction a geometric shape gives us is unparalleled.

Whether it’s a beautifully tiled floor where the shapes seamlessly slot together or a classic inky spot we just can’t get enough.

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Any which way.. We love Stripes

Very popular in fashion, the stripe is also a stylish addition to the interior. From hand rendered to horizontal, we encourage you to invite a stripe into your home. Be it the striking small talk print by onemustdash or a simple grey and white striped tea towel bringing some sophistication to your sink.