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We Love: The handsome house shape

What’s not to love about the simple beauty of the traditional house shape?

An early and instantly recognisable motif from childhood.

Often one of the first things we draw when putting pen to paper.

Comprised of two geometric shapes the square and the triangle.

Doodlers of warm, inviting house shapes with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life.

The simplistic outline of a house shape is striking, modern and easily introduced into your home. Paint pieces of board cut into a house shape with chalkboard paint, which can be used as a place in the kitchen to scribble your reminders or let the kids get creative.

(Images from top left, house from blood & champagne, deconstructed house from, house doodles from, house shaped barn from & wooden walled house shot from

Feeling inspired to welcome a house shape into your home? Shop our collection

Elements of Design: Texture

When we talking about texture in interiors we are referring to the surface quality of the various elements in a space.

Every single surface has a texture whether it be smooth or rough, bumpy or flat. The perception we have of texture is also influenced by the textures of surfaces that they are near by or next to as well as lighting.

For instance, rough surfaces seem more textured next to smooth surfaces, or when viewed up close and lit from the side.

Also, texture can be described as either tactile or visual. Tactile texture relates to the actual feeling of a surface. Visual texture is our perception of what a texture might feel like. We often make assumptions about the texture of a material based on our memory of touching a similar surface

Here are a few of our favourite modern interiors, all utilising texture in various ways to great affect.

(Images from top left: AMM blog, My Scandinavian Retreat, Made by girl blogspot, Vosgesparis).

Principles of design: Proportion and scale

Proportion and scale are terms that people think are interchangeable, and they pretty much are, however there is a subtle difference between the two.

Scale refers to the size of things, in comparison to our human size. Without considering such scale we would find our day to day human activities very difficult. Chairs have been scaled to fit our bodies and many heights have been standardised. For instance the height of a counter top is made to an appropriate human scale and the width of a corridor is designed so that two people can pass comfortably.

The subtle difference between scale and proportion is with scale we are generally making a comparison to a height that we are familiar with, our height. Scale one could describe as being absolute and proportion as being relative.

It is the job of the designer to understand the proportion of objects in a three dimensional space and how they interact with one another. In most cases an interior designer will try to make all the elements proportionate to one another but there are times when a design calls for disproportion. For instance an over sized lampshade in a room can draw attention to a certain area or main point of focus.

A huge window can be balanced out with lots of smaller accessories giving a room good proportions. Using the same colour in lots of different elements scales down big impact pieces making the room feel more balanced and harmonious.

Some of our most loved products play on what we know about proportion and scale.

Once you know the rules you can deliberately break them and create a striking interior design…

Get the look: Cool Cuisine

Do you dream about having a modern minimalist kitchen?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the cool kitchen of your dreams. The key is to keep it simple with a paired back colour palette. We suggest sticking to black, white and natural wood (we like to keep it simple) but you needn’t be as strict. Then just use accessories to add a pop of colour if desired.

If you love this look but don’t have time to put it together for your own home, get in touch with us. We can help you with anything from putting together a mood board to a whole redesign and project management.

We have several pieces that will complete this look.

Shop kitchen & dining to discover even more…

1. White ceramic wall clock, £49.00, a graphic statement for the kitchen.

2. White ceramic measuring jug, £14.00, a great looking measuring jug. The numbers marked on it’s side might be no use but it sure looks great.

3. Black ceramic spoon, £8.00, a simple kitchen accessory

4. Enamel Star Colander, £25.00, beautiful and functional.

5. J77 chair by Hay in black, £139.00, a striking chair that will make an elegant statement at the kitchen table.

6. Box Tea Towels by Hay, set of two, £18.00, a set of two pink tea towels with a flash of neon guaranteed to brighten up doing the dishes.

7. Pen striped ceramic bowls, £6.00, a lovely little bowl hand decorated with black lines looks great mixed in a stack.

8. Bear board, £25.00, simply the cutest board we have ever seen.



Get the look: Kiddie Chic

Gone are the days when kids had matching ballerina’s/footballers across their curtains, wallpaper and bed linen. The kids of the today are far too cool for that.

We assure you, a child’s room can still be fun and playful and there needn’t be a crazy TV character or a shade of baby blue & pink in sight. Just have a look at this selection of stylish kids bedrooms and just try to tell us that you’re not convinced.

If you like the look of these cool rooms, browse our kids collection and find an easy update for your little ones…

Here are our top six easy updates for a modern kid’s room:

1. Forest Blanket, £40.00, a beautiful blanket suitable for only super stylish little ones made of the softest cotton.

2. Up print, £28.00, a black and white add Swedish mountain range to your little ones room.

3. Natural wood Russian dolls, £22.00, for the mini minimalist.

4. Plywood Animals, £39.00, watch the animals come to life as you assemble them together.

5. Storage sack with large black dots, £49.00, the most stylish robust storage we have ever seen.

6. Mini trophy deer head, £15.00, natural or neon it’s completely up to you.

Product Spotlight: Geometric Cushions

We are completely besotted with our new cushions from Danish brand Oy Oy, and already we’ve earmarked several for ourselves. Although how we will fit them all on the sofa is anyone’s guess.

The cushions are inspired by classic, Scandinavian style, adding undertones of simple, Japanese design and a passion for combining colour and materials. The result is a unique blend of simple geometric shapes combined with confident injections of colour.

The priciple designer at OYOY is Lotte Fynboe, who was educated at TEKO in Herning specialising in interior and furniture design.

Graphic shapes, bright colours and clean lines inspire Lotte Fynboe and her motto is “less is more”. Many of the designs are based on childhood memories.

“The simple things should have one colour stroke, which should be seen and give the product edge. The things we surround us with should make us happy and give us energy.”


The cushions are made from 100% cotton canvas and they are filled with a feather and polyester mix cushion pad. They look great all mixed together with their mix of different colours shapes and sizes.

The colours are confident and come in exciting parings.

For a closer look, head to Future & Found.

August Elle Decoration Feature…

We are very pleased to announce that our gorgeous circles cushion and half and half pillowcase pair are featured in the August issue of Elle Decoration.With gorgeous styling by Talib Choudry.

Get a closer look at the circles cushion and half and half pillowcase pair. Designed exclusively for us by Gail Bryson.

What do you think? Will you be going for the ombre look in your home?


Any which way.. We love Stripes

Very popular in fashion, the stripe is also a stylish addition to the interior. From hand rendered to horizontal, we encourage you to invite a stripe into your home. Be it the striking small talk print by onemustdash or a simple grey and white striped tea towel bringing some sophistication to your sink.


We love… clouds

Our latest obsession has become clouds… which let’s face it, we get plenty of living in the UK. Here is a selection of our favourite cloud images currently.

And we’ve managed to sneak a few clouds into our collection recently too… with the cuddly cloud cushions from knitting whizz Donna Wilson and our newest addition with the adorable cloud wood board (both shown above)