10 ways to introduce colour at home..

Struggle to commit to one colour? Feel nervous about painting an entire room in one bold shade? We understand. Here are 10 brilliantly simple (and reversible) ways to introduce colour at home..

Painted kitchen cupboard doors a great way to have colour at home

Who says you have to stick to one colour? We love the bright colours used to paint the kitchen cupboards in this Australian kitchen. The grey boarder ties all the colours together harmoniously a great way to introduce colour at home.

Bold and colourful geometric shape adds colour to your home

Painting a crisp geometric shape in an old industrial building is a great way to highlight the existing features and introduce a bit of colour and movement to a big space.

Half a side table in the hallway adds bright colour to your home

If the idea of painting a giant geometric shape in your living room or going to town with  a paint brush on your kitchen cupboards gives you heart palpitations try embracing colour on a small scale. Take an unloved side table and slice it in half, it should fit neatly into the smallest of hallways. Finish it off with a lick of neon coral paint and enjoy your colour injection.

highlight your favourite architectural details with crisp colourful lines

Highlight the architectural details that you love at home with crisp lines of clashing paint colours.

paint bold geometric shapes across your door and wall

Make your door a feature by incorporating it into a random geometric design.

half painted colourful wall adds colour to your home

It may remind you of school but if done correctly (in the right shade) painting half of your walls looks super stylish. It is the perfect choice for the colour commitment- phobe and allows you to experiment with bolder colours that you would never paint a whole room in.

A muted colour at home palette by Scholten and Baijings

A simple and muted colour palette such as the Scholten & Baijings pastel hues can be embraced by even the most colour shy. Add a pop of colour to your coat hooks or go for a gentle ombre approach on your cupboards.

Oversized and multicoloured parquet flooring

Do you have the bottle to commit to multicoloured parquet flooring? We love the flooring in this traditional Art Nouveau apartment in Stockholm designed by Tham and Videgard Arkitekter. The changing colours of the floors throughout the apartment mimic the changing colours of Humlegården park that the building overlooks.

half and half painted graphic door

A playful way to add colour without commitment is adding a graphic surprise to a sliding door. Such as this one in the home of designer and painter Amanda Happe.

highlight your favourite features with a bold glossy colour

Lastly, we love the idea of highlighting beautiful pipe work or your favourite home features, industrial or otherwise with a generous lick of gloss paint in a super bright shade.

How have you introduced colour in your home?

Painted kitchen doors from Ninemsn

Geometric shape painted with wall paint from chiccham 

Painted side table from AliPar

Painted architectural features from 70percentpure

Painted geometric shapes from Swedish Elle Decoration

Subtle colour palette from BusyBoo

Multicoloured parquet flooring from Plenty Of Colour 

Graphic painted sliding door from Design Sponge


Tiling ideas to try at home..

Here are our picks of inventive and stylish ways to use tiling at home..

The devil really is in the detail. There are so many simple and inexpensive ways to reinvent your home and we are constantly hunting out new ideas.

 Tiling #floorcore

photo by @barclayd at Den coffee shop in Brooklyn.

Creative Tiling

photo by @thisfruitsnaps

Bold patterned tiles are a great way to have fun with a small space, be it an entrance way or a boxy downstairs bathroom, you can be playful and have fun whilst not committing to the cost of tiling an entire room.

A beautiful floor has recently become a bit of an Instagram phenomenon search #floorcore and you’ll see what we mean..

Yellow Tiles

Tiles are used in this living room to highlight a small yet beautiful space. By tiling a fireplace and the surrounding it area in bright yellow it adds a pop of colour. This highlights this nice architectural feature in a modern and unexpected way.

We are borderline obsessed with the tiles from the Danish brand Arttiles. They are bright and bold with traditional patterns. What could be more satisfying than having one of every tile you like interspersed with classic white? Not much.

Tiling on walls

This amazing Townhouse designed by Studio Toogood is a perfect illustration that tiles needn’t be confined to the floor. The herringbone pattern is perfect and really holds together the modern and traditional elements of this bathroom. The random coloured tiles placed randomly with the rest is simply a stroke of genius.

Mixed tiling

Ceramic tiles can also be mixed in with other mediums. We love how the Parisian design studio Kalb Lempereur have combined yet defined the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas of this on suite bathroom by dispersing wooden and ceramic tiles throughout the flooring.

Let us know if you’ve seen any creative tiling that captured your attention. For more interior detail ideas follow our board on Pinterest..

Design shops in Stockholm..

We recently went to Formex, the largest show of Nordic interior design, held at the Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm.

As lovers of Scandinavian design this show was right up our street. It was also a great chance for us to meet a couple of the suppliers that we work with, it’s always nice to put a face to a name. A couple of our favourite exhibitors at the show were Camilla Engdahl, Oy Oy and House Doctor.

The show was excellent so we discovered lots of exciting new product. But as first time visitors to Stockholm, what we were really struck by during the trip was the stylish design of the city. Even something as simple and unassuming as a bread shop was a design lovers dream.

We loved the over-sized industrial lamps hanging over the counter top and the large industrial trays that displayed the bread. If only all bakeries looked like this!

If you are ever in Stockholm be sure to visit Fabrique Bakery in Södermalm. If you can’t quite make it to Stockholm you’ll be pleased to hear there is also a Fabrique on Geffrye Street in Shoreditch. We’ll definitely be paying them a visit.

The aptly named REGN (which translates as rain in Swedish) is a shop devoted to handmade raincoats and wellington boots. We loved the confident simplicity of the shop and the stylish black benches outside.

There are so many small design details to spot around the city..

We particularly liked the simple but bold visual merchandising in Granit, a shop that sells brilliant monochromatic basics.

We might have to invest in a label maker! A great way of grouping and pricing all the small things..

Always on the lookout for a creative use of crates.

But our favourite shop had to be Grandpa which sells mens clothing and lifestyle accessories. They had a great mix of vintage and new and used unassuming industrial vintage pieces creatively as fixtures to display their product..

We loved the thoughtful and ingenious way they display their product; balancing bags and shoes on oversized metal letters or using a vintage chest plan to store product. The balance between old and new was perfect and is something we strive to achieve at Future and Found.

Have you been to Stockholm? Which shops, cafes or spaces did you love?

Future and Found Market: Modern Makers

Over a handful of Summer Saturdays our courtyard is transformed into a buzzing marketplace filled with a handpicked collection of some of our favourite designers and makers.

We are passionate about new designers and try to champion their work at every opportunity. The designers and makers selected sell their wares in our courtyard for one day only so it is the perfect opportunity to snap up something new and unique.

Our next market is on Saturday 23rd of August. Sign up to our mailing list or follow us on on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in the know. Here’s a little of what you can expect to see at our Modern Makers market…

All the cards made by Cotton Post are printed by hand using a Gocco or custom made stamp. The designs are graphic, modern and perfect for any special event. Expect to see a larger range of well crafted paper goods..

Luke Bishop is a ceramicist who hand throws fine porcelain vessels either utilitarian or sculptural in nature. Expect to see beautiful vessels dipped in bold glazes..

Kangan Arora is a textile designer who draws her inspiration from the vibrant and bright North Indian street culture. Expect to see bold and bright geometric prints on a range of beautifully hand finished textile product…

Inspiration for Autumn 2014..

Before the buying commences for every season we put together a mood board of the look and feel for that time of year.

Everything that is bought, no matter how big or small, has to be checked against the mood board to see if it matches the look and feel that we are striving to create.

This keeps us focused and hopefully keeps the standard of product high and consistent. Here is a selection of images that we are looking at for Autumn.

We don’t know who took this photo but it is reflective of our love of all things yellow. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice yellow gradient.

We love the stop motion animation created by Paris Telex for Farrow and Ball. If you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check it out. We are smitten with their new colours, yellowcake is a particular favourite. The styling in the video is spot on for us; simple, graphic and very visual with a hint of playfulness that we love.

Tableau styled by Mirella Sahetapy, spotted on Remodelista. We love the unconventional mix of colours that you don’t normally see together.

Where would we be without our signature pop of neon? Brilliantly illustrated in the Moor Street Design Studios in Fitzroy, Australia by Clare Cousins. The mix of a calm white and grey interior coupled with bright playful artwork is completely on track for Autumn.

Our Autumn collection has started to arrive, keep your eye on new in over the coming weeks..


Outside inside..

We’ll probably never be the types to up sticks and embark on an adventure in the wilderness. But, that isn’t to say we don’t enjoy a bit of outdoor scenery.

Here are our favourite spaces that capture the outdoors and ensure that you still remain warm and dry.

Imagine sleeping in a glass walled bedroom, you’d be up at the crack of sparrows but the scenery would be so marvellous we wouldn’t mind the early starts.

This outdoor shower from a beach home in Sorrento,Italy slots nicely into the building and whilst not being too exposed it still feels very in touch with its surroundings.

Hanging planters provide a subtle, unique way of dividing up a room or provide a living feature on an otherwise boring wall. Here are some great ways to add greenery; from top left a DIY hanging garden from HomeMade, a hanging trellis room divide by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, an abundance of cascading mistletoe cacti add a bit of beautiful green drama to this kitchen, we spotted these hanging planters from Bolia.

How have you introduced the outdoors into your home?




Beautiful Bathroom on a Budget..

We have recently started working with some new clients who want to transform their new house, which is in desperate need of an update, into a stylish family home. However there’s a lot of work to do so a tight budget is critical for each room. However we’re quietly confident we can help them create somewhere beautiful for less than you’d think.

A real trouble area for them is the bathroom. The current dated bathroom does not reflect the taste of this modern family and it’s lack of storage means that they are not utilising the available space effectively.

Our first suggestion was to open up the bathroom a bit and take up a bit of space from their oddly capacious hallway. A small structural change like this isn’t hugely expensive and will dramatically improve the layout of the space.

We are opting for a simple monochrome look in the bathroom, it is neither overtly masculine or feminine and will not date. We love the idea of having a black shower unit against bright white tiles. Black and white taps and shower heads are now pretty widely available and are not as expensive as you might first think.

As they now have a small toddler in tow storage space throughout the house will be invaluable. It is extremely frustrating to spend time and money creating a gorgeous space to find that it ends up littered with bathroom paraphernalia because there is no where practical to store anything.

So, we have suggested having a vanity unit custom built to make maximum storage space from the small room. This will then hold a stylish and simple square sink in place.

We love the idea of having a simple floating shelf above the sink to display their favourite paintings or prints. Why shouldn’t you have something nice to look at whist relaxing in the tub?

Our clients are very keen on having a hexagonal tile, a nice variation to the metro tile which seems to be the tile of choice these days. In keeping with our monochromatic look we have suggested going for a large black hexagonal tile on the floor and smaller white hexagonal tiles on the walls – both with the same charcoal grouting.

We hope that gives you an insight into the initial planning and ideas stage of this bathroom, we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

What do you think? Do you have any top money saving tips for bathroom design?

The Future and Found Market

Over a handful of summer Saturdays, our courtyard will be transformed into a market place filled with a handpicked collection of designers and makers.

We are passionate about up and coming designers and try to support them and showcase their work at any given opportunity.

Our new home has provided us with ample space to introduce our customers to even more wonderful things and we want to extend this into our outside space.

The designers and makers will be selling their wares in our courtyard for one day only, giving you an excellent opportunity to buy a one off piece directly from the person who designed and made it.

Our first Market launches on Saturday 26th July. Sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the know.

Here’s a little peek of what you can expect to see..

Gail Bryson is a designer and screen printer. She has applied her designs to prints and fabric and the effect is equally as impressive. Expect to see gorgeous cushions, wash bags and limited edition prints.

Hannah Bould is a ceramicist who hand throws each and every piece. Mark making by hand means that no two pieces are the same. Expect to see perfect plant pots and beautiful bowls.

Tessa Silva is a woodworker working with British hardwoods. Her spoons are an excellent combination of practicality and sculpture.


New Designers: Part Two…

If you read the first post in our series (New Designers: Part One) you’ll know that we have recently been visiting the Business Design Centre in Islington to see the New Designers exhibition.

If you don’t know about New Designers you should really check it out. It is an important exhibition for emerging new design talent, full of innovation and fresh thinking. Over the course of the exhibition 3,000 of the most talented, newly graduated designers will exhibit there.

In Part Two there is a greater focus on product design and furniture and that is the area that captivated our attention the most.

Here are (in our opinion) a few of the names to watch out for…

We loved the Cooper range from Dome Studio, a interdisciplinary design studio based in London. The marble table top on the Copper Table we found particularly pleasing.

Both packaging and finished product are beautifully designed by Charles Parford- Plant, a recent Product Design graduate. Nicely designed flat packed furniture is perfect for small businesses like ours, not only is it easy to send the product out to our online customers, it is also perfect for the customers who visit our Bricks and Mortar shop as they can easily walk away with their purchase.

The Obtineo range by Tom Hutchinson Design is clean and simple. Proudly made by Artisans in the UK, we love the care and attention to detail that has gone into the range.

Head and Haft is a multidisciplinary product, furniture and homeware design and manufacture brand based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Their aim is to produce high quality products with longevity. We particularly like the solid granite top of the Arthur Side Table and the Quake Pendent Lights which are hand turned in Cornwall from solid hardwoods.

Last but not least another one to watch is Tom Robinson, a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent. We love his simple and stylish product design specifically for the office.

Styling Inspiration..

It is so easy to let product photography become boring and staid or opt for uninspiring cut-out photography.

We love thinking of new and innovative ways to shoot our products and as we head into a new season we are excited about the prospect of introducing some new approaches and playful ideas.

Here are some of the things we have been looking at. For more like this take a look at our Pinterest boards.

Find out more about our product photography and branding..