The psychology of colour.. in the pink

Pink symbolises compassion, nurturing and love. It has the passion and power of red coupled with the understanding, openness and completeness of white. The addition of white tones down the physical passion of red and makes it more gentle and loving.

The deeper the shade of pink the greater passion and energy it exudes. Pink is a symbol of hope in many countries. It is a very positive colour and inspires warmth, happiness and feelings of comfort creating a sense that everything will be ok.

Neon pink evokes feelings of warmth and happiness and symbolises a love of life. This amazing bathroom was spotted on the blog just good design.

If you prefer a tamer pink opt for a powder pink and couple with grey, white and black for added sophistication and serenity.

Pink adds softness and warmth to a serious industrial interior.

If you like pink and want to encourage calm comfort and warmth into your home take a look at our range of pink accessories.


We’re moving!

Yes, we are moving! Thrilled and daunted in equal measure by the prospect. We’re bursting at the seams at our current shop space, there are only so many avalanches of stock you can take before you realise it’s time to expand.

In February of last year we were looking for a space to shoot our new collection and low and behold tucked around the corner from our shop on Fortess Road in Tufnell Park we discovered this amazing building. An old industrial monolith that we think was probably once a piano factory, left empty with just a city of pigeons inside. It has had many reincarnations throughout it’s life including a film school that a few locals still remember.

Never before though has it been a live work space. But we happily gained planning permission late in 2013. The top two floors will be a gorgeous open plan flat and the ground floor will house the shop and interior design studio. There is also a courtyard out the front which means we can expand into outdoor product categories.

It is such a fantastic opportunity for us… not only do we get to design our perfect shop and studio but we are also designing our very own Future and Found flat. No better way to exercise our interior design muscles. We are eagerly pinning away our inspiration on the Future and Found pinterest page. We have heaps of ideas for the flat and shop space including a minimal peg wall and giant box for kids to cause havoc in outside.

In the weeks to come we will be sharing the development with you room by room including the design difficulties that we have over come and how we have worked within a very tight budget. Sharing a bit of insight which we hope will come in handy for you and your own home renovations.

We can’t wait!


Behind the scenes: The making of our new website

We have been extraordinarily busy of late working away on the new website (along with our brilliant new branding), lots of late nights, early mornings and endless photos..

We wanted to give you a little insight into it’s creation and the effort that everyone involved has put in.

It all started back in August with our first conversations with Horse, an independent design studio who create smart well crafted ideas that are memorable and effective. We explained what we wanted to create and they were only too happy to support us in getting there. And what a fantastic job they’ve done too….

The photos that you see on our homepage were taken by the wonderful David Cleveland, and the rest were taken by us (with a little bit of retouch help by Horse).

We wanted our new look to be simple, graphic, modern, unpretentious and above all easy to shop and get a real feel for the brand. We hope we’ve succeeded… Let us know what you think…