Creative Office Space..

We have started work on our first commercial property which is a really exciting move for us and a new challenge to sink our teeth into.

The office spans two floors and is in desperate need of a revamp. The space is outmoded and no longer works for the staff, they are clambering over furniture to get to their desks and weave clients through a maze of desks to get to a meeting room. They have nowhere to relax and eat their lunches so currently, like so many of us, eat in front of their computers. They are also in need of a shower as many of them cycle to work and run in their lunch breaks and they desperately need a kitchen update.

We strongly believe that an office should be an enjoyable place to spend time in. It should be calm and organised allowing for maximum productivity and should create oodles of enthusiasm and creativity. It’s hard to muster up a ‘can do attitude’ when faced with chaos.

One thing we noticed during our first visit was the lack of branding. At present there is no branding, anywhere. At a glance it would be hard to tell who they are or what they do which is so important. Branding is one area in which you can be really playful by just thinking outside the box..

We love this huge quote painted on the front of an office building. The text you use doesn’t have to be limited to the company slogan. It can be a quote that sums up what you are striving to achieve or the atmosphere you want to create. In short, anything that matters to the business.

We love the idea of putting the logo on the ceiling, it is playful and unobtrusive whilst still giving a definitive stamp on the space.

Another way to incorporate the branding into the space is to use the company colours..

There are several industrial details in the building and being industrial enthusiasts we want to draw attention to these. And what better way than painting the visible pipes in the colours of the brand. Sadly, our budget won’t stretch to a multi-coloured array of pipes but, we think we can get away with one single colour.

Another, really nice way to use and play with colour is to apply blocks of it within the space..

It is not often that you see a brightly painted door. By using blocks of colour you can subtly keep the branding running consistently throughout the building.

We will keep you updated as the project progresses, we are currently in the process of sifting through our ideas and figuring out the ones that will work best.

The psychology of colour: Ambitious Orange

Orange radiates warmth and happiness; it is said to combine the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange is said to relate to your gut reaction and instincts as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow.

Orange is spontaneous and encourages us to look on the positive side of life. It is perfect for kids and is used in many children’s toys and clothes.

Orange has even been proven to improve the oxygen supply to the brain which can increase mental stimulation in children and adults. It symbolises achievement, ambition and new beginnings which is why we think it is perfect for the bedrooms of children and babies.

We love the bright orange highlights in this room complemented by the amazing yellow car (spotted on the lovely finnish blog

The neon orange highlights in this sophisticated kids bedroom are very up our street (unfortunately we can’t find the source of this photo).

This bright orange wardrobe looks excellent paired with a chalkboard wall (spotted in Chicago Homes and Garden’s magazine Nov/ Dec 2010).

If you want to go all out with orange you could try this super bold look! (spotted on The boo and the boy blog... an excellent place to get inspired).

We have plenty of orange items in stock that will get your little ones brains whizzing!

Sensing spaces at The Royal Academy

As we are currently designing a space ourselves and as we spend our days redesigning the spaces of others we thought it was imperative for us to visit the Sensing spaces exhibition at The Royal Academy. To gather ideas and inspiration and try to think about space differently.

The show is a collection of work from the most creative architectural minds from around the world. Seven architectural practices from six countries have come to the RA to give us a new perspective on architecture and how we view space with a series of large scale installations.

It is a very interactive exhibition and relies on the participation of the viewer, we are encouraged to think about the bigger questions in response to architecture, how does a space make us feel? What does architecture do for our lives?

Here’s a small selection of what we saw and what we thought. If you have seen it we’d love to know what you think as well.

When first walking in we were greeted with a vast wooden structure that resembles a house on very tall stilts. The legs house big spiral staircases that you can clamber up to stand on the top. The staircases are beautiful structures in themselves.Totally spherical and very satisfying to look at.

This straw structure is truly incredible and really interactive, people are encouraged to build on what others have left behind with brightly coloured plastic straws, knitted and knotted together.

The glowing floor on this structure made for an eerie atmosphere, it’s so interesting that by changing one element you can completely transform the mood of a space.

This piece was a favourite, monolithic structures that resembled concrete but were made from something much lighter were suspended from the ceiling and had different coloured spotlights projected on different corners. Completely awe inspiring.

This structure is made of thin strips of bamboo attached together over spotlights resembling curling smoke.

We can thoroughly recommend the exhibition and found it really exciting, particularly the use of light and the interesting experience of travelling though different rooms with contrasting atmospheres.


Ideas and inspiration.. our small but perfectly formed kitchen

Moving on to the next room of the Future and Found flat we find ourselves in the kitchen. The kitchen design is compact with clean minimal lines, we wanted to keep the space as open as possible in a bid to try and not disrupt the flow of the overall space.

The kitchen is located at the furthest wall of the open plan first floor, some of this wall being taken up by the small downstairs bathroom, so space is limited. To have achieved a larger kitchen, would have meant switching to an L shape which would break up the space and being greeted with an unattractive cupboard-end when walking into the space.

As it is a multifunctional living space we don’t want the kitchen to scream kitchen. We’ve designed the space so that all the kitchen appliances are integrated (this means that they are behind closed doors) to make the space feel clean, simple and streamlined without the regular kitchen clutter to distract your eye.

We’ve customised a drawer unit under the sink as opposed to a cupboard space that is historically stuffed full of cleaning products. This maximises the storage capacity of tiny area. All the units are a bright clean white and the work top will be grey.

We have opted for a simple white tap which will complement the white tiles and grey grout behind.

A perfect example of an integrated kitchen with a white tap.

A kitchen with complementary tap and tiles and contrasting grey grout.

There will be a single pendant light, above the dining table. Specifically the E27 pendant light by Muuto which we will also be selling in the shop and online. This will create a focal point and an area of activity within the large open plan room.

The lighting has been separated into three circuits, again to create specific areas of activity. One covers the living space, one the kitchen and one the pendant over the dining area. All three are on dimmer switches so the mood can be made more intimate / cosy when required.

As you will see from the quick snaps below there is still a long way to go with this floor but it’s definitely getting there!

The psychology of colour: Calming grey

Grey is a solid and stable colour that creates a sense of calm and composure. It is said to help relax you and provide a rest-bite from the general chaos of the world. The human eye can distinguish up to five hundred different shades of grey, the greys that we find particularly interesting are those which have tonal hints of other colours. A straight grey, which is just a mixture of black and white can be too flat so we would recommend a grey that is mixed with other colours.

Grey has a steadying effect on other colours with which it comes into contact. It tones down strong bright colours and illuminates softer paler colours.

Due to it’s calming and stabilising properties we deem it most appropriate for the bedroom, often shared with another person the bedroom has to be a place of compromise. Conveniently grey is the colour of compromise sitting perfectly in between the extremes of black and white.

Grey is extremely adaptable, so even if you are going for something dramatic or soft and feminine you need look no further.

If you like the look, feel and psychology of a grey bedroom. You can add a spot of grey easily with a few of our accessories..

Ideas and inspiration for our loft bedroom…

We have turned our attention to the attic bedroom at our new Future and Found flat so we thought that it was a good time to take a look at it in a little more detail and share our plans with you.

The floor, which is being laid throughout the flat, will be a grey stained oak. This will make one space flow seamlessly into the next and make the loft feel more spacious. Here it is in all its glory, the space is starting to feel brighter and lighter already.

There is limited floorspace with full head height so the bed will need to be kept low, fortunately four poster beds aren’t really our thing. We will be opting for a simple and understated pallet bed and have been taking our inspiration from a few images below.

Pallet beds are stylish, simple and really cost effective. If you are not keen on the rustic unfinished look, they are very easy to sand and paint.

With a loft space you also need to be creative and also considered. We have started to streamline belongings and ask ourselves what will we actually need to store and how can we make the best use of the space without spending a fortune on bespoke pieces of furniture.

The room above is well thought out.. they have made use of the small space that has been left over by using conventional storage to house bits and pieces for the bed side, making a feature out of something that had the potential be an obstacle or a boring empty hole.

To tackle the lack of vertical wall space in a loft, you have to think creatively.

The room above has used the space ingeniously with bespoke cupboards and mirrors inserted here and there to bounce light around the room. But, a bespoke storage solution will come at a price.

A cheaper option when space is compromised is just to have a open clothes rail hanging in your room, you can show off your favourite clothes and hide the rest in low down cupboards or a industrial style metal unit. There are so many beautiful coat hangers available to buy now that compliment the look.

We hope this helps if you’re planning a small attic space or loft bedroom, and if you have any bright ideas we would love to hear them…


The psychology of colour: Sunny yellow..

Yellow is a bright colour that is often described as cheery and warm. Yet it can also be the most fatiguing to the eye as it reflects a high amount of light back – it is therefore best used in small doses.

Yellow generates muscle energy and stimulates mental activity. It has been scientifically proven that we record and read something back with great accuracy from a pastel shade of yellow; which is why many notepads and writing paper come in a pastel yellow tone, particularly in the US.

Yellow is said to inspire original thought and inquisitiveness it stimulates the left analytical side of the brain that deals with problem solving and coming up with new ideas. It is therefore ideal to use in a home office or study space.

We love this still life series of a yellow office by James Coffey. Can’t you just feel all those fantastically innovative ideas whizzing around your head already? Although it could get a bit head splitting working surrounded by that much yellow.

We might recommend just having a nod to yellow in your workspace with yellow legs on your desk like this table by 45 kilos table design.

We have several products that would work in your office space adding a cheery pop of yellow to aid your mental stimulation. And there’s more to come so watch this space…

The first lick of paint..

Everything is moving at a great pace in our new home, so we thought it was time for a little update. It’s still a complete building site, but the shell of the new flat is beginning to emerge and the walls are getting their first lick of paint.

Within the loft space, the bedroom and bathroom have been plastered and painted. Our inspiration for this space has had to take into account it’s limitations: the low sloping walls and consequently very little vertical wall space. This means storage space is scant and where possible it is having to be custom built.

A wardrobe and shelved cupboards will be tucked into the sloped walls around doorways. The brand new Velux windows in the ceiling let loads of light in and stop any unwanted eyes peering in. The bathroom will be small so there is just room for a shower consequently we are currently obsessing over taps and shower heads.The first floor will house the main living space. It has been plastered and it is only now that one can see how big it is! To combat the space we have be coming up with lots of different options and ideas but have decided to keep it minimal with one statement sofa to draw in the eye.

We love the kitchen inspiration image on the right and are currently coveting black and white taps for the kitchen sink.

The scaffolding comes down next week so we should have lots more photos to spark the imagination. For now we’ll leave you with this shot of pink plaster board which is spectacular…



Interior Design: Mellow Yellow

We are currently working on some really exciting interior design projects at Future and Found. We’re styling, revamping and de-cluttering properties to sell; styling and accessorising homes for families who need a refresh; along with sourcing bespoke flooring.

Here’s a snapshot of a mood board for a living room we are currently working on for a local family. We put this mood board together after meeting the family to discuss their likes and dislikes and what they want from the space that they have.

The children are almost teens so there was no need for anything too ‘kid friendly’ the family are sophisticated and their tastes distinctly modern but they are still playful and looking to create a fun space that they will all feel comfortable in.

The colour palette that we decided on kept to neutral but cool greys and whites with pops of bright yellow & lime.

Hopefully, this will give an insight into how we work. Do get in touch if you have any questions or have a property that you are looking for help with.