10 ways to introduce colour at home..

Struggle to commit to one colour? Feel nervous about painting an entire room in one bold shade? We understand. Here are 10 brilliantly simple (and reversible) ways to introduce colour at home..

Painted kitchen cupboard doors a great way to have colour at home

Who says you have to stick to one colour? We love the bright colours used to paint the kitchen cupboards in this Australian kitchen. The grey boarder ties all the colours together harmoniously a great way to introduce colour at home.

Bold and colourful geometric shape adds colour to your home

Painting a crisp geometric shape in an old industrial building is a great way to highlight the existing features and introduce a bit of colour and movement to a big space.

Half a side table in the hallway adds bright colour to your home

If the idea of painting a giant geometric shape in your living room or going to town with  a paint brush on your kitchen cupboards gives you heart palpitations try embracing colour on a small scale. Take an unloved side table and slice it in half, it should fit neatly into the smallest of hallways. Finish it off with a lick of neon coral paint and enjoy your colour injection.

highlight your favourite architectural details with crisp colourful lines

Highlight the architectural details that you love at home with crisp lines of clashing paint colours.

paint bold geometric shapes across your door and wall

Make your door a feature by incorporating it into a random geometric design.

half painted colourful wall adds colour to your home

It may remind you of school but if done correctly (in the right shade) painting half of your walls looks super stylish. It is the perfect choice for the colour commitment- phobe and allows you to experiment with bolder colours that you would never paint a whole room in.

A muted colour at home palette by Scholten and Baijings

A simple and muted colour palette such as the Scholten & Baijings pastel hues can be embraced by even the most colour shy. Add a pop of colour to your coat hooks or go for a gentle ombre approach on your cupboards.

Oversized and multicoloured parquet flooring

Do you have the bottle to commit to multicoloured parquet flooring? We love the flooring in this traditional Art Nouveau apartment in Stockholm designed by Tham and Videgard Arkitekter. The changing colours of the floors throughout the apartment mimic the changing colours of Humlegården park that the building overlooks.

half and half painted graphic door

A playful way to add colour without commitment is adding a graphic surprise to a sliding door. Such as this one in the home of designer and painter Amanda Happe.

highlight your favourite features with a bold glossy colour

Lastly, we love the idea of highlighting beautiful pipe work or your favourite home features, industrial or otherwise with a generous lick of gloss paint in a super bright shade.

How have you introduced colour in your home?

Painted kitchen doors from Ninemsn

Geometric shape painted with wall paint from chiccham 

Painted side table from AliPar

Painted architectural features from 70percentpure

Painted geometric shapes from Swedish Elle Decoration

Subtle colour palette from BusyBoo

Multicoloured parquet flooring from Plenty Of Colour 

Graphic painted sliding door from Design Sponge