Easy Interior Design DIY ideas..

The bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us and there couldn’t be a more opportune time for a spring clean and DIY project (or two).

If the idea of home DIY makes you go cold and clammy. Take a look at some of our favourite and more importantly (very easy) interior design DIY ideas. You shouldn’t end up with a bank holiday trip to A&E or suffer a sleepless night on the sofa after some exchanged cross words about bathroom tiles. No one needs that.

Easy interior design DIY ideas

Update an underwhelming bookcase with a lick of paint. Be bold with a shocking neon colour to contrast more neutral tones. We are big fans of Bristol Paint, they have an array of neon brights and can also mix to any colour. Photo from Planete Deco.

easy interior design DIY ideas

Kids pestering you for a bedroom make over? Paint a graphic section of their bedroom in  a couple of shades of their preferred colour. Much less fuss, time and stress than painting the whole bedroom and they should be satisfied with the graphic outcome. Plenty of painting ideas to keep you busy via Apartment Therapy.

easy interior design DIY ideas

Fed up of tripping over shoes as soon as you step foot in the front door? Something as simple as this sliding shoe storage would take an afternoon to make (at max). Attach a simple wooden frame to casters and slide all those shoes out of the way. For a slick finish we recommend using Birch plywood. Photo from Remodelista.

easy interior design DIY ideas

Looking for something even simpler with maximum reward? Do yourself a huge favour and take a look at superfront. Superfront design and manufacture fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops that fit Ikea’s most common wardrobes, cabinets, kitchen units and now beds. Quality design at a very affordable price. Instantly makeover that wardrobe you hate and feel like a DIY master with only a screwdriver in hand.

easy interior design DIY ideas

Do you have any easy Interior Design DIY ideas that you’d like to add to the mix? What will you be getting up to this bank holiday weekend?

If your home needs more love than a lick of paint and a few handles can offer get in touch with our Interior Design team.

Creating a wall gallery at home..

Creating a wall gallery might sound like a task for a team of curators at an art gallery but with a bit of preparation, planning and vision it is easily achievable at home.

A wall gallery will make a focal point in your living room, bedroom or hallway that displays something about you, use it to showcase your favourite artwork, family photos or prints.

You needn’t spend a fortune or pepper your wall with holes. Our tips and inspirational images should steer you in the right direction.

First, it’s all in the preparation. When creating a gallery wall it really does pay to spend the proper time and effort to ensure accuracy on the first go. You’ll only be irritating yourself (and a tube of polyfiller) when you have a bunch of holes in all the wrong places.

When you have collected the frames you intend to use trace the shapes on to scraps of paper and cut them out. Lay your templates out on the floor beneath your wall in your desired arrangement and then tape each one to the wall. Nail each frame over the top of the paper and use a spirit level to ensure maximum straightness. Then, all you need to do is remove the paper templates and your work is complete.

Here are some of our favourite wall galleries, modern, personal and spectacularly straight!

creating a gallery wall

A paired back palette has been used in this wall gallery with simple and unobtrusive slender black and natural wooden frames that complement the fine graphic lines of the monochromatic artwork within. Wall gallery image from Hub Pages.

Creating a wall gallery

If you have just a select few framed artworks that you’d like to display go for an off centre arrangement, the negative space that surrounds it will draw the eye in. The neutral tones consistent in all the framed pieces of work ensures that it looks cohesive. Bedroom wall gallery from My Scandinavian Home.

creating a gallery wall

If you have more objects than framed works of art or if you are renting and reluctant or unable to get hammer happy it is simple to create a wall gallery on shelves like they have done in this family home in Amsterdam. It has the added bonus of being very easy to move and switch things in and out of the display. Photo from Design Sponge.

creating a gallery wall

If you need to stay within a small budget or you want the option of changing your display frequently why not try using hangers with clips as above. Photo from byfrd.

creating a wall gallery

We’ll always be drawn to a monochromatic themed wall gallery. Photo from jlevau.

Which wall gallery style most appeals to you?

Take a look at our selection of wall art to add to your collection. If you are in need of any design help get in touch with our team.

Interior styling tips that work..

Do you find that you gaze in wonder at images of immaculate interiors on Pinterest and think surely it’s not possible for anything to look that good.

You look around your own home and think where on earth am I going wrong? My shelf of ‘objet’ looks more like a bunch of scary charity shop rejects than an artful ‘shelfscape’ (yes, that is a thing).

Well, fear not. There are a few simple Interior styling tips you can follow to achieve interior serenity in no time. We promise you, these work.

Interior styling tips that work

You’ve heard it said before but we’ll never tire of saying it, less is more and it really is. Subtracting is the easiest way to revamp a style. All the top stylists spend half their time hiding nick nacks and minimising clutter. Group things that go well together and leave out only your best bits. Photo from the Norwegian home of the owners of web shop Bolina. Spotted on Life as a moodboard.

Interior styling tips that work

Group items of the same or similar colour together.  All the individual pieces scattered around your home might be equally as beautiful individually but together they are a force to be reckoned with. It looks much more pleasing to the eye than several bits and pieces scattered around the room. Photo from Miss Moss.

interior styling tips that work

Keep it simple, pick a paired back colour scheme and stick to it. Group like colours together and pick one or two contrasting colours to use as a feature within the room and throughout your home. Photo from Studio Mirella Sahetapy.

Interior styling tips that work

Add just a touch of greenery, whether it’s a bunch of silvery eucalyptus or a potted plant it will instantly add life to your space. A good rule that stylists go by that can also be applied to your own home styling is to not be afraid to leave out a few details to suggest that someone actually lives there. It makes the space inviting and less sterile. Bathroom from the home of Elisabeth Heier.

Interior styling tips that work

This bedroom is a great example to showcase all our tips. No clutter, like colours grouped together, a touch of greenery and a hint that someone lives there and enjoys the space. Photo from My Dubio. Proof that a home can be modern and cosy.

We hope you find these tips helpful in creating your own beautifully styled home, if you need any help or advice get in touch with our Interior Design team.


Small space garden ideas..

Warmer weather is on the horizon and our thoughts have turned outside, in particular we’ve been pondering on what to do with the courtyard space at the front of our North London shop. In the summer months that little space really comes into its own.

Whilst searching the web for exciting new ideas to try we stumbled across some great ideas for small space gardens. Being London based we are all too familiar with making the most of every single square inch of outside space.

Here are some great and surprisingly inexpensive ideas to try in your small space garden or even on a balcony.

small space garden ideas

Have you come across pallet gardens? They are rife on Pinterest. For something of this size all you really need is an outside wall. It could be extremely practical planted with salads and herbs for aspiring chefs or purely decorative filled with blooms. DIY pallet planter spotted on Dump A Day.

small space gardens

Your pallet enthusiasm needn’t end there. There is potential to make an entire wall of planted pallets to create your very own vertical garden. Perfect for an office space this would provide maximum seclusion and escapism over lunch. By Juan Luis Fernández.

small space garden ideas

Those of you who have visited the shop will know how much we enjoy a vintage crate. As well as displaying our outdoor plants they can also be a great (and portable) home for your very own miniature garden. Pick plants of varying heights and colours for maximum impact.

small space garden ideas

If you are looking for something a little larger and more water tight why not try some brushed zinc vessels? An old bathtub such as this is a suitable and extremely attractive home for a family of ferns. Photo by Peter Cook spotted at Petersham Nurseries which if you don’t know you must check out for an endless supply of creative planting ideas.

small space garden ideas

Not every planted up vintage vessel will look as bizarre as a toilet bowl full of geraniums (you know what we mean) pick the right vessel and combine it with the right plant type and colour to create something truly unique and eye-catching. Spotted on Inspiration Lane.

The courtyard is starting to fill up with plants and planters for the aspiring modern gardener. Pop in to get your fill..

Super bright interiors

As a general rule of thumb we prefer a reserved colour palette. Greys, whites and pastels are soothing, clean and calm. They go beautifully with the materials that we love such as plywood and concrete, the combination is very liveable.

But, every once in a while it’s good to embrace a bit of madness, an unexpected pop of colour here, an entire neon wall there. Without a few interior quirks life could get pretty dull.

Here’s a round up of our favourite super bright interiors. Inspiring, witty and bold. Lets embrace a bit of spring fever.

Super Bright Interiors

Who’d have thought a neon kitchen could be so stylish? They might be small but these tucked away kitchens pack a surprising punch. Designed by Harriet Ansthruther Studio, photography by James Merrel/ Henry Bourne.

Super bright interiors

Your downstairs loo needn’t be a dreary affair. Could you embrace neon striped bathroom wall with a hanging pendant to match?

Super Bright Interiors

Interior design by Ghislaine Vinas, photography by Mark Roskams.

super bright interiors

If one wall doesn’t feel quite enough why not go the whole hog and transform your bathroom into a bright pink paradise. This Californian home has been given a shocking pink bathroom hidden within their stylishly neutral eco friendly home. Designed by Christopher C Deam.

super bright interiors

What could be more uplifting than a bright yellow staircase to greet you when you get home. Perfect for grey days, staircase spotted on Stylish Eve.

Our Interior Design studio is awash with neon swatches, if you are thinking of dabbling with a bit of colour get in touch with our team..

Trending bedroom fashions for 2015

The bedroom is one area of the home where you can play around and indulge in some highly personal design touches.

It’s your own private space and as such it’s a great way to experiment with some brave new trends that are hitting the blogs at the moment.

Here are a few trending bedroom fashions that will be popular in 2015 for you to consider..

trending bedroom fashions for 2015

Mid Century Chic, photo from tarafirma.

No one is quite able to pinpoint when it started but the success of TV shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire means that we are still embracing styles of the 1940s and 1950s.

The best way to embrace this trend and still retain your contemporary edge is with a few choice pieces of furniture.

The 1950s silhouette is all about classic design and clean lines, the likes of which can be found in the range of Julian Bowen furniture that will add a retro edge to your bedroom whilst keeping hold of its sleekness and simplicity.

trending bedroom fashions for 2015

Going Green, photo from Varpunen.

Many top blogs have also stated that green is going to be big this year. It is a great colour to use for a subtle yet powerful effect in the bedroom.

Whether you use an elegant shade of cool green on an accent wall, or even just introduce some plant life into your space the colour green has been scientifically proven to have almost a primal effect, slowing us down and allowing us to sit back and relax.

trending bedroom fashions for 2015

Desert Styles, photo from Mae Engelgeer.

Whereas 2014 saw an overwhelming range of palm leaves and exotic fruits as we embraced tropical chic, 2015 sees us heading into the desert.

Who could deny the simple pleasure of having the odd cactus dotted around the bedroom?

Sandy desert hues of orange and pink have been used to great effect in the distinctly modern and visually arresting work of Mae Engelgeer.

Trending bedroom fashions for 2015

Blue is the new grey, photo from The Marion House.

Furthering the case for colour, many are heralding blue as a popular bedroom wall colour choice. We’ll see a bold range of cobalt blues and exotic turquoises that add elegance and character to our rooms. These colours work particularly well with bare wood that will be big this year.

Coffee counter inspiration..

Next month we will be opening a coffee hatch in our courtyard which becomes a bit of a sun trap in the summer months.

We’ve spent time pouring over beautiful coffee shops, counters and generally all things coffee related.

Our enthusiasm for coffee definitely exceeds our knowledge so we’ve been seeking out the expertise of Carlo at the Doppio Coffee Warehouse in nearby Kentish Town. The man surely knows his coffee.

We wanted to share with you the kind of coffee shops we’ve been admiring to give you a feel for what’s to come..

coffee counter inspiration

We’ve focused our attention on the small and perfectly formed and in our search we came across the very tiny La Distributrice which is located in the smallest commercial space in Montreal very close to one of the most visited Metro stations. We love the modern graphic look of their shop and branding.

Coffee Counter Inspiration

We love a good bit of functional design here at Future and Found and the Industrial look is finished off nicely with a mug of coffee. This is the interior from a Fabrique cafe, which is one of a series in Stockholm. Their simple no nonsense approach to both coffee and interiors is particularly appealing.

Coffee Counter Inspiration

The About Life Coffee Brewers hole in the wall in Japan has the simple aesthetic that we crave. With the no nonsense menu printed on an exterior wall and a simple bench and shelf to rest your coffee on. They appear to have nailed coffee minimalism.

Coffee counter inspiration

August coffee shop in Wellington, New Zealand not only has a good aesthetic we also admire their approach. Much like the Future and Found shop August is off the beaten track so they aspire to be a destination store. As well as selling great coffee they also offer a exhibition space for fledgling artists and well established businesses alike and keep the look of the space minimal and clean with the coffee machine and art taking centre stage.

We know what we want the coffee counter to look like but would love to hear what you want to drink and eat. Where have you had your best cup of coffee? What is, in your opinion the best snack to accompany a hot cup of coffee? Also, what teas and juices do you love? We are all ears, so do let us know..

Herringbone Trend..

The herringbone pattern looks set to be a big trend for 2015. It looks fresh, new and modern when made with contemporary materials in surprising places.

Traditionally a herringbone pattern was used to make a hardwood parquet floor, in fact it is probably the earliest pattern that was used. Comprised of planks of equal length and width they are arranged in a staggered zig zag whereas in a chevron pattern the planks are cut on an angle and arranged so that the zig meets the zag on a perfectly straight axis.

We love it when old and new mix harmoniously, here are some of our favourite ways in the herringbone trend has been used in a modern way.

Herringbone Trend

The Herringbone House has to be one of our favourite pieces of architecture from last year. Photography by Mike Tsang.

Herringbone Trend

Designed by Atelier Chan Chan and located in Islington the designers have drawn on Japanese, English and Scandinavian design influences to create this thoroughly modern home. The lightness of the brick used in the herringbone pattern keeps it fresh and contemporary.

Herringbone Trend

These long and thin subway tiles have been used in this kitchen backsplash. The combination and contrast of materials gives it a fresh and modern feel. Photo by Nicole Franzen.

Herringbone Trend

This black tiled bathroom floor echoes the simplicity of the rest of the bathroom. It is uncommon to see black flooring in a bathroom space but the herringbone pattern really softens it. Photo spotted on Veronica loves Archie.

Herringbone trend

Wooden cladding on walls is fast becoming popular. Instantly providing texture, colour and contrast we love the way they have used the same wood on the table and seats in Father Coffee located in Johannesburg, South Africa. A self proclaimed Scandinavian haven in inner city Johannesburg (no wonder we like it so much.)

Have you seen herringbone used in any unconventional ways? Want to recreate a look you’ve seen on the blog in your own home? For a cost effective, modern and relaxed approach get in touch with our Interior Design team..


Moody bedrooms..

Even the sunniest spring optimists will have to admit that we are still very much in the grips of winter. Those icy winds and snow flurries will be making their presence felt for a little while longer yet.

It’s in months like these that we start fixating on beautiful bedrooms. When getting up in the morning feels like waking from the dead we like the idea of something a little bit moodier.

Moody bedrooms are definitely not for everyone. Many people like their bedroom to be light, bright and airy but for those of us who’d prefer to hibernate through the winter what could be more appealing than a bedroom cocoon?

Moody bedrooms

This moody bedroom still retains freshness whilst having a darker charm. Try opting for a paint in a matt finish to take the edge off the black. Matt paint will give the wall texture and provide a striking contrast to the soft white linen. Image spotted on sfgirlbybay.

Moody Bedrooms

This bedroom is in a traditional Georgian Townhouse but remains cool and contemporary. The black walls are balanced by the natural soap treated wooden floor and the bright bedlinen. Image spotted on Design Milk.

Moody Bedrooms

This dark textured wall in a room at Hotel O in Belgium is one we’d be happy to have at home. Partner vintage school chairs and industrial lighting with your dramatic walls to emulate this look. Image spotted on Remodelista.

Moody Bedrooms

If you want to keep your walls bright, or lack natural light in your bedroom try darker bedlinen. We are fans of linen bedsheets, they are wonderful to sleep in, don’t need ironing and the darker coloured linens will create a moody look that you’ll want to stay wrapped in. Image spotted on avotakka.

If you are truly a fan of the dark why not embrace your inner goth and go all black. This bold bedroom is from the ultimate moody apartment, shot by Romain Ricard and spotted on Nordic Design.

Moody Bedrooms

If the idea of having such a strong colour in your home fills you with fear you can still achieve this look with different tones of grey. Image from Whiting Architects.

If you are looking to redesign your home or are just in need of a bit of styling advice get in touch with our Interior Design team. Looks like these can be achieved quickly and cost effectively with a bit of help.

Dinesen Floors..

Get ready to be floored (sorry), this week we are devoting a bit of blog space to some of the most beautiful wooden flooring we have ever seen. Truly, this is no exaggeration.

We recently had the pleasure of finding out a little bit more about Dinesen wooden flooring and it really is too good not to share.

If you haven’t already heard about Dinesen, let us fill you in. Dinesen manufacture wooden floor boards and have done so since 1898. They are passionate about wood, nature and sustainability and are a tightly knit family business on their fourth generation of Dinesens.

All their suppliers practice sustainable forestry sourcing only the best raw wood which is always treated with care and respect. Much of which comes from the Black Forest in Germany. Dinesen obtain their raw wood from majestic Douglas Firs and characterful Oak Trees. Douglas Firs can grow up to sixty metres tall with a diameter of one metre, you can only imagine how huge the planks can be.

Dinesen floors are particularly suited to a paired back Scandinavian interior, no surprise then that we like them so much.

Here are some of or favourite interiors with Dinesen floors (the Douglas Fir floors are a particular favourite)..

Dinesen Floors

Gorgeous greyed off Douglas Fir floor in a sea front property. The greyed off look is obtained by coating the floor in lye, which is a strong alkaline solution used for cleaning. As it is a natural product the more frequently you wash the floor the more greyed off the wood becomes. We’d be scrubbing the floor like maniacs..

Dinesen Floors

Another greyed off Douglas Fir floor in the monochromatic Scandinavian kitchen of our dreams.

Dinesen Floors

This natural Douglas fir floor has found a home in a former pencil factory in Copenhagen.

Dinesen Floors

The warmer hues in this natural Douglas Fir floor show just how varied the tones of this wood can be.

Dinesen Floor

Planks of Douglas Fir have also been cleverly used in this office to create an extra long desk. Only the best and most productive work would be done in this space we reckon.

If you would like to find out more about Dinesen or see some beautiful samples just get in touch with our Interior Design Studio. If you are hankering for more beautiful spaces take a look at our Pinterest boards..