Pattern …

We had plenty of fun at New Designers part one this week, where textiles are centre stage, and its safe to say were confronted with eye catching pattern upon attention grabbing pattern;  a veritable feast for the eyes. We loved what we saw and we understand that degree shows are all about shouting loud and making yourself heard so we arrived with ears and eyes ready. We particularly liked what we were hearing from the CSM BA Textiles stand… Josephine Ortega wowed us with a unique carpet weaving technique that also utilised the reverse of her work.. backs as beautiful as the fronts… while Fiona O’keefe showed us some somewhat familiar woven patterns but in a strikingly fresh and beautiful colour palette, Katherine Plumbs prints looked both modern and classic and infinitely usable, quite a feat if you ask us.. 


So there’s no two ways about it we were impressed but when we left we started to consider how we approach pattern in our own lives, either at work or at home and we have to be honest (we’re sure this wont come as any great surprise) but we tend to take a slightly more measured approach. As with most things the Future and Found manta when it comes to pattern is a definite less is more. We find keeping things clean and simple gets us a long way. monopattern1

That’s not to say theres no place for patterns in our lives but we feel they work best when other elements of the design are uncomplicated, for example we love a bold monochrome pattern… And believe that when your colour palette is limited to black and white you can afford to blur the lines of your pattern a little, as displayed beautifully by Jode Pankhurst on our favourite dash pot where no two dashes are the same.

coloured patternNow when colour and pattern meet, as demonstrated in these examples by Future and Found faves HAY and Tom Pigeon, gorgeous geometrics are what work best for us. These patterns are playful without being juvenile and designed without being pretentious… and that suits us down to the ground.

Apollo studios goes to market…

You’ll probably remember us talking about one of our interior design projects, Apollo studios… a renovation of a giant 1000 square foot warehouse space from busy working office to gorgeous high end apartment… well the work is done and dusted and we couldn’t be happier with the results and (more importantly) neither could our client!. The interesting thing about this project for us was that our client never intended to live in the property himself but instead was renovating it to put it on the market, which it now is.

So our challenge as interior designers was to create a property that whilst being beautiful and well designed had a broad mass-market appeal to give it the best chance of selling. And to do this we kept our palette nice and clean and kept our finishes simple and high end.

64257_T_ADDRESSES_53840_SS__desktopThis greyed off oak flooring is the perfect base for this incredibly bright industrial space and Our favourite mags sofa and tray tables from HAY look gorgeous as ever but are somewhat dwarfed in this 600 square foot living room.64249_T_ADDRESSES_53840_SS__desktopIn a space like this we felt the open plan kitchen ought to be the real wow, and we are certainly pleased with the result, beautifully inconspicuous white units let the stunning concrete look worktop and island be the star of the show while Muuto grain pendants and HAY hee bar stools in grey perfectly complete the look. 64250_T_ADDRESSES_53840_SS__desktopAs ever our only difficulty with the project was resisting the temptation to move in ourselves…. if you fancy making yourself at home in this stunning Kentish Town conversion have a look at the listing on the Oliver’s Town website here!

Milan 2016: Our round up…

So it’s a week after our return and we have just about recovered from the excitement that was Milan Salon de Mobile 2016 enough to share all our best bits with you. This is our round up of the most inspiring, most fun and most delicious things we saw and did in Milan.

To start with we can’t overlook the gorgeous colour palettes that were gracing stands across the show. We overwhelmingly saw, and enjoyed, a sophisticated mix of greens, muted pastels, greys and more a few more greens thrown in for good measure. The colour green wasn’t just on show in flat form, we were pleased to see there was a barely a stand that wasn’t taking advantage of natures most fashionable display prop.. the plant! As a retailer one of the most beneficial things about visiting design shows, such as Salone de Mobile Milan is the inspiration we find in seeing so many innovative, exciting display ideas. Our friends at HAY, Muuto and Arper stood out for us and we’ll soon be trying out the ingenious idea of grouping either by product or colour for maximum impact back home in our Tufnell Park shop.10 Corso Como Cafe, Milan favourite of those in the know, really showed us how to work an outside space with style. A garden cafe and conservatory designed to effortlessly flow between the indoor and out was stunning… And the food was pretty yummy too.Well thats it folks, our best bits of Milan 2016… until next year!THE END!

Using colour to create a change…

Spring has officially begun and as the days get brighter we know many people are looking for ways to make their homes feel brighter too. Over at Future and Found HQ we think there’s no better way to brighten a space than clever use of colour. While we are definitely advocates of being bold, the decisions of both which colours to choose and how to use them is key and depends entirely on the room you are designing for and the mood you want to create. A rich blue for example makes for a bold yet sophisticated living space, while a soft green is perfect for a relaxed bedroom area.

We love these examples where bright blocks of colour have been used to zone areas of a room and think they prove that a precise paint line and a little courage is all it takes to create a striking look that will really transform your space. If big paint effects are not your thing you can still incorporate bold colour into your space, be it with one piece of brightly coloured furniture in an otherwise monochrome room or with a neon yellow grout to lift a simple white bathroom suite. We particularly love how the bright orange hardware brings an element of fun to this gorgeously grownup concrete bathroom.So why not take the plunge and use a little colour to make a big change this Spring…

Concrete Crazy….

Anyone who knows us at all will know how much we love concrete and if you have been to our Tufnell Park shop you will have seen plenty of it… In the form of utilitarian vases, show stopping bowls or functional toothbrush tumblers; we love the materiality of concrete and think it makes for some pretty gorgeous accessories! Luckily for us our newest interior design client is crazy for concrete too, which gives us the opportunity to use it on a far grander scale, in particular beautifully polished concrete floors. Now obviously we are aware that this trend is not a new one, however it is one that continues to grow and one we thought worthy of showing some love to… so here goes!

Concrete flooring has long shed it’s drab associations and for good reason, both stylish and practical it’s a winning solution for domestic settings (provided you account for the potential coldness with underfloor heating). And as its pourable concrete makes not only beautiful floors but also beautiful stairs, beautiful walls, beautiful work surfaces and even…wait for it… beautiful bathtubs can be poured from our material of the moment. Concrete is naturally a cold, hard material, both in look and feel so in our newest project, a two bed flat in Tufnell Park, we’ll be making a concerted effort to keep it visually warm. An obviously solution is the use of rugs and textiles but we will also be pairing our concrete floors with beautiful natural woods to soften the industrial look. As always we’ll keep you updated with our progress on here and on our Instagram… We don’t know about you but we can barely contain our excitement!

Spring shop refresh…

It’s spring cleaning time and so time to give our lovely shop a little bit of love. We are always finding inspiration in the way beautiful wares are displayed in some of our favourite stores so where better to start thinking about our Spring shop refresh…

All of HAY’s many incarnations seem to have a knack of creating displays that scream effortless order! Be it simple rows of perfectly alined boxes or unfussy curations of considered objects hay certainly know how to make things look loved and loveable… it is a rare day that we leave a HAY concession without being tempted by some little treasure to take home.One of our favourite stores Present & Correct in Islington knows exactly what its doing when it comes to effortless order… beautiful rows of perfectly presented products in an array of colours are particularly enticing and of course always entirely functional… we all know you can never have too much stationary! In fact there’s a theme developing in our inspiration.. and it’s seems to be neat ordered rows… of stationary at Present & Correct, of coloured cushions at HAY House Copenhagen or even these stacks of ceramics… everything is better in neat ordered rows! So in the coming days we will be effortlessly ordering our lovely new product in order to show it and our shop off to it’s best… we’ll update you of our progress once it’s all done or you could pop in and see for yourself?!

The making of a courtyard …

Spring is definitely on its way… (we hope!) and we are feeling green fingered. We’ve decided its time to show our courtyard a bit of love and this week we thought we’d share our exciting plans with you. Now our courtyard is not just any outside space, it has the many important jobs, first and foremost being the enticingly gorgeous entrance to our gorgeously enticing shop. Secondly it must serve as space for people to hang out with a coffee and of course we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that it was prime selling space. As our courtyard has to serve as such a functional space we thought we would focus our plans around functional materials. We’ll be making the most of what’s already there and strategically adding to it.

One of our favourite elements that we’ll be building on is our wooden pallet planters, a no fuss way of filling the space with greenery. We’ll soon be selling mini planters filled with gorgeous herbs, a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen counter. We got ambitious plans for our new material de jour, scaffold! As it lends itself so well to building structures thats exactly what we intend to do… (exactly what kind of structure you’ll have to watch this space to find out) but we will tell you it will consist of walls of pots, plants and potted plants. Hopefully our creation will match up to Pendas inspiring plant modules at home cafe in Bejing.We’ve got the wood, we’ve got the scaffold so why not complete the functional building material trifecta with a breeze block planters display like the one seen outside the on Marylebone high street.So we’ve shared our grand plans now it’s time to put them into action… Pop in to the shop in the coming weeks to see how we are getting on…


The bathroom… the heart of the home

We have a strong belief that it is in fact the bathroom and not the kitchen that is the heart of the home… it is where we do all our best relaxing, refreshing and preparing either for the day ahead or for an invaluable nights sleep…. So when we are designing a bathroom we realise just how important it is and interestingly we believe that the bathroom is probably the only room in the house where we hope to create a room indulgent enough to grace swankiest of hotel suites. 

Gorgeous clean white spaces are infinitely updated with considered monochrome styling… be it beautiful black hardware or a perfect paint job, these inspirational pics from Pinterest are yet more proof that you can never go wrong when you stick to monochrome.Another of our favourite design trends that we feel lends itself to a good bathroom is concrete… We love a bit of concrete and whether it’s a wall, a floor or preferably a giant bath tub we think concrete is a perfectly modern twist on a bathroom.So to sum up we’d have to say … Bathrooms, we like them in monochrome, we like them in concrete but most of all we like them indulgent!

Mad for handmade…

We love our big suppliers, we have a built a great relationship with them and they know how to keep us happy… they are reliable, fast and always super helpful… not to mention the fact that the are on the cutting edge of the design world. However these days we have been going a little mad for all things handmade. Partly due to the uniqueness and partly due to the charm that comes with a hand crafted product, we have been feeling how exciting it is for us to be peppering our collection with handmade gems from designer makers around the world.

Now we like to keep our collection in the realms of affordable so we are not talking about one off pieces of outrageously expensive furniture, but in the worlds of both textiles and ceramics there are some extraordinarily talented makers hand crafting pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional… and all surprisingly accessible.

Textiles are an integral finishing touch in any interior and we think these handmade pieces are really special… Gorgeous hand knitted cushions from Giannina Capitani, based in Hackney London, benefit from the addition of a cute brightly coloured zip. Our stunning Louise Gray quilts are handcrafted by local artisans in her native U.S.A and the quality of the work is clear. Future and Found favourite and Kentish Town local Kangan Arora‘s beautiful hand woven rugs are right up there on our wish list… We’ve developed a real soft spot for handmade ceramics of late and judging by speed with with Jode Pankhurst’s Tired Tamsin pots flew off our shelves we think it’s safe to assume we are not the only ones! We are super excited about our new collection from the lovely Hannah Bould, bold and playful it has just landed in the shop and we are already wishing we could take it all home. Our Bathing suit pot is another playful favourite; made by Brooklyn based maker Universal Issac, it never fails to make us smile. This mug collection from Aandersson Design looks almost too good to drink from but it’s going on the wish list no less….So while were busy finding the perfect balance of the design giants and the independent makers for our collection, why not pop in to the shop and let us know what you think?


Our SS16 palette … grown up fun!

Spring is approaching and we don’t know about you but it’s fair to say we are more than ready for it! With the change in weather comes a new colour palette and we’ve decided it’s time to be grown up. Each season, alongside the job choosing of a new range of products, we have to decide an overall look for the collection and we are taking the job seriously… whilst having fun of course!

Now obviously we are not about to throw the trademark Future and Found aesthetic out the window, there will still be plenty of lovely monochrome featuring bold fun pattern. The gorgeous Tic Tac cushions from Future and Found’s new discovery, hackney based knitter Giannina Capitani and the tree trunk vase from HAY are two of our favourite new monochrome pieces.Over at Future and Found HQ we love colour but we like to see it used it sensibly and the muted brights in this work from Esther Stewart is a perfect example of grown up colour. Our new collection of dot cushions from HAY and this beautiful cookware from Terra Cotto both expertly use these muted bright colours so well.Gorgeous subtle greys and greens are classic Future and Found and be it the beautiful grain pendant from Muuto or our new quilts from the incredible Louise Gray,  we believe grown up greys will always be the perfect accompaniment to statement colour.Now we don’t like to take ourselves to seriously so alongside classic monochrome, gorgeous greys and muted brights you will always find a sprinkling of the bright brights… We just wouldn’t be us without them!