The Perfect Pendants

Pendant lights add atmosphere and create a focal point within a space. Here a few of our favourite ways to work with them…

Hanging pendants low over a dining table creates atmosphere. However a top tip is to hang the light lower than you think (the ideal height from the table is 70 to 80cm) don’t worry no one will bump their heads as it hangs over the centre of the table where no one sits.

A great way to illuminate the space and bring in some height to your kitchen is hanging a row of pendants above your countertop or island unit. It’s also great for adding a pop of colour or a different texture, the grain pendant or E27 pendant for example offer a nice rubbery texture again more classic kitchen surfaces.

Grouping pendants together gives you the opportunity to play with shape and scale. It’s also a fairly non-expensive way to get a statement light fixture into your room. You can play around with heights and different cords, to create something completely personal and customised to your room.

Come Dine With Me

The reality of urban living for most of us means a lack of space… we struggle for every square foot we can utilise so need to be smart on maximising space and not getting over crowded. An ideal solution is to combine a dining space into your kitchen so you can avoid having to eat off your lap in the living room.

Here are a couple of tips we use on interior design projects as well as in our own homes…

Size matters – If you’re tight on space make sure you choose chairs that tuck neatly under the tabletop or even a bench which can be pushed against a wall. The Hay Copenhague Table comes in a narrower width at 75cm making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Atmosphere – no matter how small a nook you’re dining in, think about the lighting and general atmosphere to make sure it’s actually a nice place to enjoy a meal. Hanging a pendant light low over the table is a top tip.

Colour block – we tend to keep colour simple on the tabletop but you can be playful by mixing up chairs. Use a few old ones mixed with new to add character.

We’ve shown a few of our favourite images for reference. To see more check out our Pinterest board




Top tips for hanging a gallery wall at home

  1. Try to stick to odd numbers of prints, they always sit better on the eye grouped and styled.
  2. Keep at least one consistent vertical or horizontal line. You can have frames poking out in all directions, but if you keep a line running through your display, it grounds the wall and stops it looking too random.
  3. Either mix and match your frames by using different sizes and thicknesses or stick to one simple frame across all prints.
  4. Be mindful of your prints and what style you’re going for.
  5. Map out your layout first using some newspaper. It’s much easier to play around with scale and placement in paper rather than with nails in your wall.

However if you love moving around things in your home as much as we do… then a great way to keep maximum flexibility with your wall art is to mount some super simple picture shelves up and then you can simply lean prints on these, being able to move them around to your hearts content!

Shop from our collection of graphic prints now to build up in preparation for your very own gallery wall….


Concrete Can Be Cosy

Concrete has come a long way since its traditional council estate beginnings.



Growing in popularity with homeowners and architects alike, the material is finding its place within modern interiors. It’s come a long way since its cheap raw beginnings. Used primarily for its semi-liquid state, and its ability to create smooth edges and shapes hard to achieve with other building materials. Quickly becoming the material of choice for most architects. It has since crossed the bridge into the world of design, with a new light thrown upon it. Being cost effect and having many finishes have helped in its rise in popularity. The stuff can be: acid-etched, jack hammered, or grit blasted, tinted, mottled, matt or glazed.












Concrete is in our Future and Found DNA, it’s safe to say we love the grey stuff. Making its appearance on our new shop floor, lighting and finishes. It is a good example of how you can add in the raw material, even if the idea of pouring concrete into your floor and re-modelling your homes walls is out budget let alone out of the question. Our Nod concrete pendants are taking front and centre stage in our shop window, with a smaller cluster of Nud concrete pendants towards the back. They both help to add contrasting textures and a modern shape. Something you can bring very easily into your own home.

Here are a few of our concrete favourites from the Autumn collection…



Plywood Porn

We LOVE plywood. Not only is it one of the humblest of building materials, it can also transform a space, soften any hard edge and translate into so many different spaces… making them feel modern light and unpretentious. What could be better?!


If you’re in need of practical storage, it can look very clean and simple and looks great as open shelving so you can see the layers.

Also being relatively inexpensive and easy to source, plywood lends itself for easy updates to your interiors from kitchen shelving to making room dividers.

plywood 17 rounded corners

We aren’t the only ones who have established a love for plywood. Recently our architect friend Simon Astridge has found ways to use this simple and modern material among other designers.


And just to add to our excitement levels… the V&A’s upcoming exhibition: “Plywood: Material of the Modern World” is all about this light, strong and versatile material. We will definitely go and check it out!

It’s a Jungle In Here

We all want to bring a little outdoor in with us. Natures footprint is expanding into our urban lifestyles more than ever, and we’re all for embracing the green stuff. Here’s a few of our top tips to use when picking your plants…

Keep them relevant to your room

Herbs in your kitchen are a great example of how adding greenery to your kitchen can double up as handy herbs for cooking. Equally, an aloe vera plant in your bathroom not only looks great but has all number of healing properties for your skin.


Mix and match your planters

Grouping different pots and planters creates a relaxed and modern feel without feeling over styled. Mix up materials such as concrete and ceramic, plain and patterned. Break all the rules and don’t worry about leaving some pots unplanted in the arrangement.


Play with scale

If you have the space, larger plants or a larger planter are a great way to add character to a room or to create a relaxed room divide. Open plan living rooms, in particular, can benefit massively from this.


Keep them green

If you’re not particularly green fingered, stick to low maintenance plant families such as succulents and cacti which are particularly low maintenance. Then they’ll stay looking fresh, lush and stylish.



Pitch Black

Pitch-black--kitchen-1Pitch Black Bathroom

Pitch black dining room

The growing trend for dark interiors is more relevant in 2017 than ever. With the release of Pitch Black paint from Farrow and Ball, to the new Ikea recycled and sustainable kitchen in all black, we are seeing move away from crisp white interiors to a focus on the dark and dramatic. However, for many an entirely black room can be daunting, So we have come up with a few ideas on getting the look without the commitment here….

How to get Hygge at Home

Hygge pronounced hoo-gah, according the the Oxford dictionary (yes we had to look it up too…all a bit confusing when you don’t speak Danish), is the Danish way of life encompassing cosiness and well being and its easy to understand why it has become a trend in recent months. So to help you get into the mood we have put together a few things you might need to get your home feeling Hygge and bring simple pleasures to your life.

Get your Living Room Fresh and Cosy….
Why don’t you add some texture to your living room with a rug that could add warmth along with some luscious throws. A DLM side table can become a serving tray. You can take the table from kitchen to room to carry all the treats that make you happy.


Serve your guests food on natural elements…..
Placing meals on beautiful Serveware can make a meal go from mediocre to amazing. Using Wood or Stone ware adds depth to your presentation and gives a more rustic homely effect.



Create an Atmosphere….
Something that brings pleasure to most is relaxing with a great magazine or book and reading by candle light. Lighting a candle with a scent that reminds you of your favourite things will be sure to get you into a state of Hygge. Better yet add beautiful flowers to your favourite vase and you’ll never want to leave your state of bliss.



New Year, New Trends 2017

2017 has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited about what is coming up for us at Future and Found, but we thought we would give you a quick round up of the best of 2016.

Simply the best…We started 2016 off with a bang when we were listed as one of the best Interior Design Shops in London and then later listed as one of the top 50 best boutiques in London by the Evening Standard alongside our other Tufnell Park retailers SK Vintage and Jessica De Lotz. We were amazed and humbled by the achievement and can only hope we continue.



We Stumbled with our Neighbours…..In May of 2016 we teamed up with our fellow small business owners in Tufnell Park to host the 1st Tufnell Stumble. A late night shopping event where we invited many of our customers to join us for an evening of drinks and nibbles plus exclusive discounts.  We had so much fun seeing old and new customers alike and teaming up with new neighbours Diverse, Eeny Meeny among others we decided to host another Tufnell Stumble later in the year. We hope to have many more shopping nights where can support our neighbours and encourage more people to shop local.


Design Junction….Our lovely shop was included in the Icon Design Trail for a second year in a row and we were excited and exhausted to say the least. We partied, attended private views and hosted our own Design Week party all the while exhibiting at the Design Junction at Kings Cross. The festival was a great success and lead us to find new and exciting inspiration for the year ahead.


With all this excitment we say bring on 2017, the best is yet to come…