Kids X christmas = ? ….

Ever woken up on boxing day morning and realised that your home looks like toys r us? We thought so… so with christmas approaching we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to keep everyone happy; them on christmas day and you the rest of the year! We think gorgeous carefully selected pieces that will add to your home not detract from it are the way forward…. and yes we know that you want your kids to love the gifts you give them but surely that doesn’t mean you cant love them too.

Who could not love these gorgeous corduroy creatures from the incredible Donna Wilson?? and this wooden hand from HAY might be fun for kids but its also cleverly doubles as art… and our trojan horse is as much as much for sitting on as it is for playing with, created from compressed cardboard it’s a feat of engineering like ancient greek inspiration, not to mention it looks great.  Storage is fun… isn’t it? Well it certainly is when it comes in the form of gorgeous kaleido tray collections for storing trinkets, cute printed totes for storing books and super Write Sketch & notebooks for storing secrets. Playful textiles are a sure fire way to make everyone happy, this gorgeous quilted bedding is a fun way to update kids bedrooms together and Donna Wilson’s Blah Blah blanket is perfect for a stylish sofa snuggle. Basically the aim of the game is finding things your kids will love, you’ll love and your gorgeous home will love… and not just for christmas but all year round!

Dinesen Floors..

Get ready to be floored (sorry), this week we are devoting a bit of blog space to some of the most beautiful wooden flooring we have ever seen. Truly, this is no exaggeration.

We recently had the pleasure of finding out a little bit more about Dinesen wooden flooring and it really is too good not to share.

If you haven’t already heard about Dinesen, let us fill you in. Dinesen manufacture wooden floor boards and have done so since 1898. They are passionate about wood, nature and sustainability and are a tightly knit family business on their fourth generation of Dinesens.

All their suppliers practice sustainable forestry sourcing only the best raw wood which is always treated with care and respect. Much of which comes from the Black Forest in Germany. Dinesen obtain their raw wood from majestic Douglas Firs and characterful Oak Trees. Douglas Firs can grow up to sixty metres tall with a diameter of one metre, you can only imagine how huge the planks can be.

Dinesen floors are particularly suited to a paired back Scandinavian interior, no surprise then that we like them so much.

Here are some of or favourite interiors with Dinesen floors (the Douglas Fir floors are a particular favourite)..

Dinesen Floors

Gorgeous greyed off Douglas Fir floor in a sea front property. The greyed off look is obtained by coating the floor in lye, which is a strong alkaline solution used for cleaning. As it is a natural product the more frequently you wash the floor the more greyed off the wood becomes. We’d be scrubbing the floor like maniacs..

Dinesen Floors

Another greyed off Douglas Fir floor in the monochromatic Scandinavian kitchen of our dreams.

Dinesen Floors

This natural Douglas fir floor has found a home in a former pencil factory in Copenhagen.

Dinesen Floors

The warmer hues in this natural Douglas Fir floor show just how varied the tones of this wood can be.

Dinesen Floor

Planks of Douglas Fir have also been cleverly used in this office to create an extra long desk. Only the best and most productive work would be done in this space we reckon.

If you would like to find out more about Dinesen or see some beautiful samples just get in touch with our Interior Design Studio. If you are hankering for more beautiful spaces take a look at our Pinterest boards..

Wonderful Wedding Gifts…

Wedding season is upon us again and our Mr and Mrs badge cards are flying off the shelves. Buying a wedding present can be a tough task: how much does one spend? How can you choose a thoughtful and unique present that will appeal to both people? Is that even possible?

Let us assuage your gift giving woes with our selection of the very best in wedding gift goodness..

The Kiki Grinder is simple, sculptural and above all very practical. It has an adjustable ceramic mechanism which allows it to be used for salt, pepper and any number of dry herbs and spices. Treat your couple to one in black and white and they can rein-act their wedding over the breakfast table for years to come..

Our large monochromatic photo album is a far cry from the embossed, chintzy photo albums usually associated with weddings. Smart and spacious it could even be the proud keeper of the photos from the big day and it will look superb on any coffee table.

Our Glass Shaped Bottle Vase gets many admiring comments in the shop, it’s organic hand blown nature makes it particularly graceful. Suited to holding structural greenery and flowers it is an unconventional modern vase that is sure to go down particularly well.

Our Kaleido Trays are sold individually and can be bought in any combination. They slot together in a very satisfactory way and sit comfortably throughout the home. On a bedside table to cradle jewellery or by the front door they make keys and change look like a work of art.

The DLM table by HAY is as stylish as it is practical, it is the perfect height and size for a bedside table or a side table to be used in the living room. The beauty of this table is in the name (Don’t Leave Me) it is light enough to be carried around the house and looks great in any room. Perfect for a couple who are setting up home.

We have a range of gorgeously simple geometric ceramics hand made in Sweden by Camilla Engdahl beautifully made and perfectly executed a piece made by her will be treasured for years to come.

We hope that we have given you plenty of gift giving inspiration, we would be thrilled with any of those options. If you are getting married and would like to put together a Gift List with us do get in touch..


Giddy with Geometrics…

We have found our perfect range of ceramics. Very round, white, simple and tactile and as an added bonus they also have large geometric shapes adorning their surfaces. They must have been made in Future and Found heaven.

They were in fact made by the very talented Camilla Engdahl. A ceramic artist based in Central Sweden. Most of her work is made by herself, by hand in her studio. Camilla trained at the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and has worked daily with design and utilitarian ceramics since she graduated in 1996.

Camilla wants her products to spread joy through their pleasant touch and playfulness. We can vouch for the joy that we experienced when unwrapping our first order from her. There were epic amounts of joy.

Our Deep Grey Triangle Bowl is perfect for many purposes from a generous utensil pot to a cosy home for your favourite plant life.

Our Lidded Ceramic Pots come with a black circle or grey triangle pattern, their size makes them ideal for use in the kitchen.Perfect for stowing away dry foodstuffs of all shapes and sizes.

The whole range is pretty perfect. Needless to say we think we may have found our dream mug. Take a look at the whole collection..


Some Spring favourites…

This little selection of product is reflecting the Spring feeling we’re currently embracing. We’re very happy to welcome in the longer days, excited about soon being able to sport sandals and eager adorn our new shop with flowers.

What says Spring to you?

Thanks Mum..

Mother’s Day is this Sunday 30th March and your brilliant Mum deserves to be spoilt. We can make it really easy for you be sending your gift directly to your Mum with a personal message from you inside. Here are just a few of our favourite ideas…

What will you be treating your Mum to this mothers day?



Beautiful and useful..

There are certain things that we have at home that are necessary yet ugly. We often compromise on style and design as we think there is no alternative. Well, no more! We have stylish alternatives for all those useful things.

Fed up of your unattractive plastic recycling box? One two many stubbed toes on your kids storage crates? These reinforced paper sacks are just the thing, stylish, fun and labelled to keep you organised.

Still using boring blue j-cloths? You must be mad. Imagine these cloths draped over the sink. Create your own stylish stripy cleaning haven.

Essentials like tea towels and plastic cups needn’t be an eyesore. Our set of six plastic cups are tough made of recycled plastic and they come in cheery colours, perfect for kids and outdoor entertaining.

We’re not sure if we could rave any more about how much we love these storage sacks but we will certainly try. Made of printed polyester they are completely waterproof so can be used in the bathroom to store bath toys or cosmetics, in the kitchen for fresh produce or as a laundry basket. We have even seen them used as planters in the garden, ingenious.

What do you think? What useful yet ugly things do you have at home that you struggle to find a stylish alternative for? Maybe we can help.

The psychology of colour.. in the pink

Pink symbolises compassion, nurturing and love. It has the passion and power of red coupled with the understanding, openness and completeness of white. The addition of white tones down the physical passion of red and makes it more gentle and loving.

The deeper the shade of pink the greater passion and energy it exudes. Pink is a symbol of hope in many countries. It is a very positive colour and inspires warmth, happiness and feelings of comfort creating a sense that everything will be ok.

Neon pink evokes feelings of warmth and happiness and symbolises a love of life. This amazing bathroom was spotted on the blog just good design.

If you prefer a tamer pink opt for a powder pink and couple with grey, white and black for added sophistication and serenity.

Pink adds softness and warmth to a serious industrial interior.

If you like pink and want to encourage calm comfort and warmth into your home take a look at our range of pink accessories.



Marble has been trending in interiors for a while now. The subtle pattern and soft colouring adds a classic touch to interiors. Nothing is quite as impressive as marble, it evokes a mood of sophistication and luxury.

For a long time marble was viewed as an outdated overly oppulent material but with the development of new tools that can cut marble with greater precision and accuracy it can be treated and used in different ways and is particularly suited to modern forward thinking interiors.

When toned down with black, white and natural wood it fits perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic which we love.

We love this kitchen, the darker tones in the marble are exaggerated by the black details. The overall look is simple, sophisticated and minimal. This photo is from the blog mama mini

Moving far away from the traditional opulence and grandeur of marble is this modern marble staircase so skilfully designed and executed that it looks like it is simply cascading down the space. Staircase designed by architects Michael Gabellini and Jay Smith and photographed by Paul Warchol.

This bathroom was formally Ingrid Bergman’s… marble is an exceptionally good choice for bathroom tiling as it is extremely hardwearing, waterproof and long lasting. The sharp corners and the floating fixtures and fittings give this bathroom an extremely modern feel. Photo by Tommaso Sartori of Ingrid Bergman’s previous residence on the volcanic island of Stromboli.

You can even now get marble look bedding to complete the marble home. The bedding depicted can only be currently bought in the states but you can get a similar look bedding from Ferm Living


The psychology of colour: Bright white…

White equals total reflection. It is the complete opposite of black which is total absorption. Just as uncompromising as black white gives a room a heightened perception of space and is said to reduce any nagging feelings of disappointment or drudge. This is why we deem it the best colour for the kitchen where the most onerous tasks take place.

A predominantly white interior gives a feeling of space and cleanliness. Although too much white can feel sterile and cold. The addition of a few pops of colour and varying the temperature and tone of white will stop it from feeling bland or unwelcoming.

Here are some kitchens that have used white to great affect.. 

This sleek polished white kitchen is a cleaning haven. Beautifully framed by black details.

The whiteness of this kitchen is tempered by the textural details. Painting an old brick wall white makes it feel modern and fresh and highlights the tactile surface. We love the wooden cupboard doors in this kitchen and think it really warms up the white. This kitchen is from a small living space in Antwerp which was designed by the architect Katrien Van Doven.

The combination of white metro tiles and off white cupboards makes the kitchen feel warm and welcoming. The industrial quality of the concrete surfaces provides a great contrast with the shiny metro tiles.

If you like this look shop our collection of white kitchen accessories and invite a bit of white into your kitchen.