The Perfect Pendants

Pendant lights add atmosphere and create a focal point within a space. Here a few of our favourite ways to work with them…

Hanging pendants low over a dining table creates atmosphere. However a top tip is to hang the light lower than you think (the ideal height from the table is 70 to 80cm) don’t worry no one will bump their heads as it hangs over the centre of the table where no one sits.

A great way to illuminate the space and bring in some height to your kitchen is hanging a row of pendants above your countertop or island unit. It’s also great for adding a pop of colour or a different texture, the grain pendant or E27 pendant for example offer a nice rubbery texture again more classic kitchen surfaces.

Grouping pendants together gives you the opportunity to play with shape and scale. It’s also a fairly non-expensive way to get a statement light fixture into your room. You can play around with heights and different cords, to create something completely personal and customised to your room.

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