Top tips for hanging a gallery wall at home

  1. Try to stick to odd numbers of prints, they always sit better on the eye grouped and styled.
  2. Keep at least one consistent vertical or horizontal line. You can have frames poking out in all directions, but if you keep a line running through your display, it grounds the wall and stops it looking too random.
  3. Either mix and match your frames by using different sizes and thicknesses or stick to one simple frame across all prints.
  4. Be mindful of your prints and what style you’re going for.
  5. Map out your layout first using some newspaper. It’s much easier to play around with scale and placement in paper rather than with nails in your wall.

However if you love moving around things in your home as much as we do… then a great way to keep maximum flexibility with your wall art is to mount some super simple picture shelves up and then you can simply lean prints on these, being able to move them around to your hearts content!

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