Concrete Can Be Cosy

Concrete has come a long way since its traditional council estate beginnings.



Growing in popularity with homeowners and architects alike, the material is finding its place within modern interiors. It’s come a long way since its cheap raw beginnings. Used primarily for its semi-liquid state, and its ability to create smooth edges and shapes hard to achieve with other building materials. Quickly becoming the material of choice for most architects. It has since crossed the bridge into the world of design, with a new light thrown upon it. Being cost effect and having many finishes have helped in its rise in popularity. The stuff can be: acid-etched, jack hammered, or grit blasted, tinted, mottled, matt or glazed.












Concrete is in our Future and Found DNA, it’s safe to say we love the grey stuff. Making its appearance on our new shop floor, lighting and finishes. It is a good example of how you can add in the raw material, even if the idea of pouring concrete into your floor and re-modelling your homes walls is out budget let alone out of the question. Our Nod concrete pendants are taking front and centre stage in our shop window, with a smaller cluster of Nud concrete pendants towards the back. They both help to add contrasting textures and a modern shape. Something you can bring very easily into your own home.

Here are a few of our concrete favourites from the Autumn collection…



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