3 ways to lay the table this Christmas

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we have decided its time to get in the spirit of things. Obviously for us this means getting as much tasteful Christmas inspiration as we can. After all we would never allow for an all glitter explosion to occur. So to help you get in the spirit of things too we decided to put together some Christmas Table settings to inspire.

The Nordic Table.


Get the Look…




  1. Cork Trivet 2. Thread Cube Xmas Decoration 3. Painted Pots 4. Wood Tree Decoration
  2. 5. Felt Placemat and Coaster


The Monochrome Table


Get the look…


  1. Alphabet Mug; 2. Three Star Decoration; 3. Dash Pot; 4. Half Moon Paper Napkins; 5. Black Star Decoration


The Cool Grey Table



Get the Look…


  1. Terrazzo platter 2. Corky Glasses 3. New Norm Tableware 4. New Norm Mini Bottle 5. Tallow Candle

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