Photoshoot Day…

Despite the fact that summer has yet to materialise over at Future and Found HQ we are busy prepping for the A/w season. And one of our most important moments preseason is Photoshoot day. We’ve been plotting, planning, pulling in samples and pinteresting for weeks and all so we can show our gorgeous new collection to it’s gorgeous best in our signature Future and Found style.

There are  two things we aim to get from a photoshoot day, the first is the most obvious and that is to get great product photography that does the job of translating to you at home just how great all our products are when they don’t have the opportunity to see them in the flesh in our Tufnell Park shop. The second, equally important, is the chance to convey to customers and press alike our creative vision for the coming season and what our key trends are going to be. sneak peak

The first of our A/W16 trends is MONOCHROME…

We love monochrome, the trend that keeps on giving and keeps on returning for a whole host of reasons… well two actually… BLACK AND WHITTE! No but seriously what’s not to love about monochrome, it gives you the opportunity to be bold and playful in a totally unscary way.  Monochrome always looks fresh, it goes with everything, and we don’t know about you but we will never tire of it. Basically our love for all things monochrome is boundless and always will be. We had loads of new monochrome loveliness to photograph for our new collection and as it is easy to photograph well (because it’s just so danm good) we are really pleased with the results (coming soon).sneak peak

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of our latest photoshoot, stayed tuned for more pics and a run down of the rest of our trends for A/W16 …..

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