Mad for handmade…

We love our big suppliers, we have a built a great relationship with them and they know how to keep us happy… they are reliable, fast and always super helpful… not to mention the fact that the are on the cutting edge of the design world. However these days we have been going a little mad for all things handmade. Partly due to the uniqueness and partly due to the charm that comes with a hand crafted product, we have been feeling how exciting it is for us to be peppering our collection with handmade gems from designer makers around the world.

Now we like to keep our collection in the realms of affordable so we are not talking about one off pieces of outrageously expensive furniture, but in the worlds of both textiles and ceramics there are some extraordinarily talented makers hand crafting pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional… and all surprisingly accessible.

Textiles are an integral finishing touch in any interior and we think these handmade pieces are really special… Gorgeous hand knitted cushions from Giannina Capitani, based in Hackney London, benefit from the addition of a cute brightly coloured zip. Our stunning Louise Gray quilts are handcrafted by local artisans in her native U.S.A and the quality of the work is clear. Future and Found favourite and Kentish Town local Kangan Arora‘s beautiful hand woven rugs are right up there on our wish list… We’ve developed a real soft spot for handmade ceramics of late and judging by speed with with Jode Pankhurst’s Tired Tamsin pots flew off our shelves we think it’s safe to assume we are not the only ones! We are super excited about our new collection from the lovely Hannah Bould, bold and playful it has just landed in the shop and we are already wishing we could take it all home. Our Bathing suit pot is another playful favourite; made by Brooklyn based maker Universal Issac, it never fails to make us smile. This mug collection from Aandersson Design looks almost too good to drink from but it’s going on the wish list no less….So while were busy finding the perfect balance of the design giants and the independent makers for our collection, why not pop in to the shop and let us know what you think?


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