Kids X christmas = ? ….

Ever woken up on boxing day morning and realised that your home looks like toys r us? We thought so… so with christmas approaching we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to keep everyone happy; them on christmas day and you the rest of the year! We think gorgeous carefully selected pieces that will add to your home not detract from it are the way forward…. and yes we know that you want your kids to love the gifts you give them but surely that doesn’t mean you cant love them too.

Who could not love these gorgeous corduroy creatures from the incredible Donna Wilson?? and this wooden hand from HAY might be fun for kids but its also cleverly doubles as art… and our trojan horse is as much as much for sitting on as it is for playing with, created from compressed cardboard it’s a feat of engineering like ancient greek inspiration, not to mention it looks great.  Storage is fun… isn’t it? Well it certainly is when it comes in the form of gorgeous kaleido tray collections for storing trinkets, cute printed totes for storing books and super Write Sketch & notebooks for storing secrets. Playful textiles are a sure fire way to make everyone happy, this gorgeous quilted bedding is a fun way to update kids bedrooms together and Donna Wilson’s Blah Blah blanket is perfect for a stylish sofa snuggle. Basically the aim of the game is finding things your kids will love, you’ll love and your gorgeous home will love… and not just for christmas but all year round!

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