Plywood aplenty….

This week we found ourselves retracing our steps at New Designers.. but this was Part 2, which focuses on furniture and product design, so not surprisingly we were surrounded by  more yummy tactile materials than we could rub our hands over (we did try!) There were woods, marbles and plywoods aplenty.

We have always felt an affinity with plywood, it’s aesthetic is clean and simple, much like our own… and of course it looks great anywhere!  No longer solely regarded as affordable and functional (although it certainly is both of those things) the super versatile material is now a go to for interior designers, architects and furniture makers alike. As it was for a many of the students displaying their graduate work at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

As is often the case with graduate projects, there were innovative concepts flying around all over the place and many of them centred around clever storage solutions for todays rental dominated, space limited society. To this end but with a sensitive consideration for style Milo Batten Jacobs had created Transitions. A work that boasted the ability to elegantly transform from handled storage boxes, perfect for moving, to a connected modular unit, made from beautiful swedish plywood.

Design duo Emma and Rhiannon of LW Studio had expertly moulded plywood (did we mention how clever it is?) to create a beautifully simple desk tidy, which we found  super stylish and thought had infinite potential in terms of scaling up and stackability.

In the wake of our visit to New Designers part 2, feeling inspired about plywood we reminded ourselves just how practical and versatile a material it is by swooning over Dezeen‘s plywood pinterest board. This plywood staircase by Buj+Colón architects integrates shelves and cupboards around a doorway for a small flat and just happens to be very pretty too. And with a nod to the sauna the House Morran by Johannes Norlander Architects has a serene scandinavian style, obviously the landscape through the window doesn’t hurt either. 

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to get on the plywood train…

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