Danish design…

In case you haven’t noticed already… We love Danish design.

We work on a regular basis with some of the giants of contemporary Danish design, HAY and Muuto to name the big two, and this week we thought we’d have a think about why exactly Danish design has taken London by storm.

It’s probably fair to say that for the majority of Britons Ikea would have been their first experience of scandinavian design, or perhaps even their first experience of mass produced, accessible furniture design. No wonder it was such a hit! And once Ikea opened the doors to scandinavian design, like pandoras box, there was no closing them. While the Swedes may have set the whole trend in motion, we feel it’s the Danes that are currently stealing the spotlight. Many of the principles employed by Ikea in the early nineties are held true by the designs of HAY and Muuto first and foremost a focus on practicality and ease of use, but these Danish brands are undoubtedly dominating a different, more high end corner of the market.

As Londoners we live in a city where as the size of our living spaces decrease, the pride we take in them increases; a scenario that is perfectly served by Danish design. Collections include modular sofas that can be customised to fit any space and even units that have the ability to be added onto over time, to grow as your space does. Chairs and tables are often designed to be stackable, to save space, but without remotely compromising on aesthetic. Storage is not an unfortunate afterthought in the world of Danish design, far from it; storage units are again stackable, build-able and nothing if not beautiful. Let’s be honest, thats the real crux of it all, there’s no point design being clever or practical if it’s not aesthetically pleasing and in our opinion the Danes know how to please…  Colour is sensitively used to provide interest, but with a restrained sophistication, and every space in the home is designed with equal importance. If left to Danish design, you better believe the inside of your wardrobe is going to be every bit as beautiful as your dining table or your office bookshelf… that’s just how they roll, and of course how we do!

A match made in heaven you might say…

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