Dinesen Floors..

Get ready to be floored (sorry), this week we are devoting a bit of blog space to some of the most beautiful wooden flooring we have ever seen. Truly, this is no exaggeration.

We recently had the pleasure of finding out a little bit more about Dinesen wooden flooring and it really is too good not to share.

If you haven’t already heard about Dinesen, let us fill you in. Dinesen manufacture wooden floor boards and have done so since 1898. They are passionate about wood, nature and sustainability and are a tightly knit family business on their fourth generation of Dinesens.

All their suppliers practice sustainable forestry sourcing only the best raw wood which is always treated with care and respect. Much of which comes from the Black Forest in Germany. Dinesen obtain their raw wood from majestic Douglas Firs and characterful Oak Trees. Douglas Firs can grow up to sixty metres tall with a diameter of one metre, you can only imagine how huge the planks can be.

Dinesen floors are particularly suited to a paired back Scandinavian interior, no surprise then that we like them so much.

Here are some of or favourite interiors with Dinesen floors (the Douglas Fir floors are a particular favourite)..

Dinesen Floors

Gorgeous greyed off Douglas Fir floor in a sea front property. The greyed off look is obtained by coating the floor in lye, which is a strong alkaline solution used for cleaning. As it is a natural product the more frequently you wash the floor the more greyed off the wood becomes. We’d be scrubbing the floor like maniacs..

Dinesen Floors

Another greyed off Douglas Fir floor in the monochromatic Scandinavian kitchen of our dreams.

Dinesen Floors

This natural Douglas fir floor has found a home in a former pencil factory in Copenhagen.

Dinesen Floors

The warmer hues in this natural Douglas Fir floor show just how varied the tones of this wood can be.

Dinesen Floor

Planks of Douglas Fir have also been cleverly used in this office to create an extra long desk. Only the best and most productive work would be done in this space we reckon.

If you would like to find out more about Dinesen or see some beautiful samples just get in touch with our Interior Design Studio. If you are hankering for more beautiful spaces take a look at our Pinterest boards..

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