Coffee counter inspiration..

Next month we will be opening a coffee hatch in our courtyard which becomes a bit of a sun trap in the summer months.

We’ve spent time pouring over beautiful coffee shops, counters and generally all things coffee related.

Our enthusiasm for coffee definitely exceeds our knowledge so we’ve been seeking out the expertise of Carlo at the Doppio Coffee Warehouse in nearby Kentish Town. The man surely knows his coffee.

We wanted to share with you the kind of coffee shops we’ve been admiring to give you a feel for what’s to come..

coffee counter inspiration

We’ve focused our attention on the small and perfectly formed and in our search we came across the very tiny La Distributrice which is located in the smallest commercial space in Montreal very close to one of the most visited Metro stations. We love the modern graphic look of their shop and branding.

Coffee Counter Inspiration

We love a good bit of functional design here at Future and Found and the Industrial look is finished off nicely with a mug of coffee. This is the interior from a Fabrique cafe, which is one of a series in Stockholm. Their simple no nonsense approach to both coffee and interiors is particularly appealing.

Coffee Counter Inspiration

The About Life Coffee Brewers hole in the wall in Japan has the simple aesthetic that we crave. With the no nonsense menu printed on an exterior wall and a simple bench and shelf to rest your coffee on. They appear to have nailed coffee minimalism.

Coffee counter inspiration

August coffee shop in Wellington, New Zealand not only has a good aesthetic we also admire their approach. Much like the Future and Found shop August is off the beaten track so they aspire to be a destination store. As well as selling great coffee they also offer a exhibition space for fledgling artists and well established businesses alike and keep the look of the space minimal and clean with the coffee machine and art taking centre stage.

We know what we want the coffee counter to look like but would love to hear what you want to drink and eat. Where have you had your best cup of coffee? What is, in your opinion the best snack to accompany a hot cup of coffee? Also, what teas and juices do you love? We are all ears, so do let us know..

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