Ideas and inspiration.. our small but perfectly formed kitchen

Moving on to the next room of the Future and Found flat we find ourselves in the kitchen. The kitchen design is compact with clean minimal lines, we wanted to keep the space as open as possible in a bid to try and not disrupt the flow of the overall space.

The kitchen is located at the furthest wall of the open plan first floor, some of this wall being taken up by the small downstairs bathroom, so space is limited. To have achieved a larger kitchen, would have meant switching to an L shape which would break up the space and being greeted with an unattractive cupboard-end when walking into the space.

As it is a multifunctional living space we don’t want the kitchen to scream kitchen. We’ve designed the space so that all the kitchen appliances are integrated (this means that they are behind closed doors) to make the space feel clean, simple and streamlined without the regular kitchen clutter to distract your eye.

We’ve customised a drawer unit under the sink as opposed to a cupboard space that is historically stuffed full of cleaning products. This maximises the storage capacity of tiny area. All the units are a bright clean white and the work top will be grey.

We have opted for a simple white tap which will complement the white tiles and grey grout behind.

A perfect example of an integrated kitchen with a white tap.

A kitchen with complementary tap and tiles and contrasting grey grout.

There will be a single pendant light, above the dining table. Specifically the E27 pendant light by Muuto which we will also be selling in the shop and online. This will create a focal point and an area of activity within the large open plan room.

The lighting has been separated into three circuits, again to create specific areas of activity. One covers the living space, one the kitchen and one the pendant over the dining area. All three are on dimmer switches so the mood can be made more intimate / cosy when required.

As you will see from the quick snaps below there is still a long way to go with this floor but it’s definitely getting there!

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